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Most of Alaska is surrounded by water. To the north and northwest, respectively, are the Beaufort Sea and the Chukchi Sea, both of which merge into the Arctic Ocean. To the southeast is the Gulf of Alaska, which blends into the Pacific Ocean. The Bering Sea is to the southwest.

Arctic Ocean

The Arctic Ocean is the smallest of all the oceans. It lies almost entirely above the Arctic Circle and is extremely cold and covered in ice most of the time. It is divided into two basins, the Eurasian Basin, and the North American Basin, by the Lomonosov Ridge. The outlets for this ocean are the Bering Strait, between Alaska and Russia; the Davis Strait, between Greenland and Canada; and the Denmark Strait and the Norwegian Sea, between Greenland and Europe. This ocean is home to fish, seals, walruses and whales due to its low temperature. The center of this ocean is covered by an average 10-foot-thick polar icepack that extends outward during the winter months, doubling in size and extending to encircling landmasses. Open seas surround the icepack during the summer months but it never completely disappears.

Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Ocean is the largest of all oceans. It covers about 28 percent of the global surface and is 15 times the size of the United States. During the winter, sea ice forms and many ships are also subjected to icing from October to May. The Pacific Ocean is home to marine life forms such as sea lions, sea otters, seals, turtles and whales. Economically, the Pacific Ocean offers accessible, relatively low-cost sea transportation, extensive fishing grounds, offshore oil and gas fields, minerals, and sand and gravel for the construction industry and more than 60 percent of the world's fish come from the Pacific Ocean.

Gulf of Alaska

The Alaska Current and the Alaska Coastal Current take over the Gulf of Alaska. These currents function as pathways for organisms and the resources upon which they depend. A few inlets, such as Cook Inlet and Prince William Sound, protect organisms from the strong currents. This gulf contains many large glaciers and icebergs that are carried to sea by the strong currents.

Bering Sea

The Bering Sea is one of the largest marine ecosystems in the world. It is between Siberia and Alaska. To the north, it is connected to the Chukchi Sea and Arctic Ocean by the Bering Strait; the Pacific Ocean lies to Bering Sea's south, past the Aleutian Islands and the Alaska Peninsula from which the islands trail. The Bering Sea is home to many large birds and marine animals, such as fur seals and whales. The sea's temperature increased over the past 50 years, reducing certain fish and marine animal populations. This worries people in the fishing industries, as this sea has been one of its major sources of fish.

Beaufort Sea

The Beaufort Sea is north of Alaska within the Arctic Ocean. It was named after the British rear admiral Sir Francis Beaufort. The sea covers about 184,000 square miles and the average depth is 3,239 feet, but it plunges as far as 15,360 feet down. The sea is frozen solid in the central and northern area with the coastal icepack opening in August and September. Whales and sea birds are two of the most common animals found near Alaska in the Beaufort Sea. In 1986, many petroleum reserves were found in Alaska's Prudhoe Bay, which is within the this sea.

Chukchi Sea

The Chukchi Sea is also within the Arctic Ocean, northwest of Alaska. This sea contains a shallow floor that provides nutrients and habitat for animals such as walruses, ice seals, whales, sea birds and polar bears. This sea is home to a tenth of the world's population of polar bears. The changing climate, causing temperature to rise, is affecting the population of polar bears, because the melting ice is making it more difficult for them to hunt for food. As the sea ice continues to melt, many oil and gas companies are interested in drilling in that specific area.

Bull Island Waterfront retreat in SE Alaska

Ketchikan, Ketchikan Gateway County, Alaska

Cozy waterfront cabin with dock on 1.117 acres located on the North side of Bull Island. Built in 1986, this cabin is ready for your recreational enjoyment. Open construction with two private bedrooms and sleeping loft. Propane oven/stove, water heater and refrigerator. Wood stove for Heat, generator for electricity and battery bank. 148 linear feet of beach front and includes a Honda six wheeler. Enjoy the peace and quite of this remote retreat.

Scott Nall , Gateway City Realty, Inc.

1.12 ACRES
1110 SQ FT
Unuk River Cabin Retreat within Alaska's Misty Fjords National Mounument

Ketchikan, Ketchikan Borough County, Alaska

Fantastic family-compound located on the banks of the famous Unuk River approximately 45 air miles from downtown Ketchikan. Sitting on a nearly three-acre parcel (2.94 acres total) this site offers 233 linear feet of river frontage, with four cabins total, on-site septic system and a boat/float plane landing dock. Cabins consist of a single cook’s cabin wired with 110 power, refrigerator and oven/stove and three sleeping cabins each with a bathroom. This is a rare opportunity to own your own piece of private riverfront land within the Misty Fjords National Monument.

Scott Nall , Gateway City Realty, Inc.

3.00 ACRES
1200 SQ FT
Exquisite Oceanfront home in SE Alaska with beautiful Water and Mountain views

Ketchikan, Ketchikan Gateway County, Alaska

Built in 2012, this custom built two bedroom, one full bath home sits within Bald Headed cove, on Pennock Island. Enjoy the water views that this 1,198-sq.ft. home has to offer which is just five minutes from Thomas Basin harbor. New battery bank charged by solar panels with 110v inverter. Honda generator as a backup power source. Refrigerator and propane range. Kumo oil stove for heat that requires no electricity. Water cistern with roof catchment system. All of these features makes this home completely self-sufficient and not dependent on any public utility. Foundation construction and rock pad were done professionally and the home was built by Matsu Alaska Construction – a highly regarded local builder. The quality shows throughout and this home features a 5 star energy rating. Partially furnished and move-in ready, this is a perfect place to call home while living the Alaskan dream.

Scott Nall , Gateway City Realty, Inc.

1.05 ACRES
1198 SQ FT

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