Frequently Asked Questions

What is the audience for

Our growing community of users falls into two categories: 1. Buyers from all over the world who are looking for a water view property in the US -- a vacant lot to a luxury estate, and everything in between. 2. Sellers (or their agents) who have a water view or waterfront property for sale anywhere in the USA. We bring them together and fulfill buyers dreams of owning a water view home!

What is considered a "Water Property"?

A water property is any property in the US that has a view of water -- an ocean, lake, river, bay, sound, waterway, bayou, estuary, or pond. It can be a home, estate, floating home, condo, houseboat, or vacant lot. It can be a waterfront or just have a view of a body of water.

How do I get my property listed on the website?

It's easy and takes just a minute! Sign up by clicking the orange button "List Your Property" in the upper right corner, and follow the steps. There is no obligation and no cost to sign up.

Will my listing be included in a newsletter?

Yes. All listings will be included in the USAWaterviews newsletter which is emailed weekly to over 35,000 real estate agents in the waterfront and water view property market.

How does your website compare to its competition? is the premier web site for water view properties in America. There really is no other site that caters to this niche market and includes water view listings for oceans, lakes, rivers, and bays -- from coast to coast -- on one easy-to-use website. We promote the site on Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, and are receiving substantial attention in the industry.

I want to search for a waterfront or water view property listing. Do I have to register first?

No. You don't need to register if you just want to search our listings. You can use either quick search or advanced search today!

How much does it cost to use

For buyers, it is totally free to search and there is no need to register.

For sellers, the cost is $7.99 per month to list one property, or $19.99 per month to list an unlimited number of properties. Optionally, you can Feature your listing, which places it on the home page, for $25 per month, or Promote your ad to the top space on the home page for an additional $45 per month. Once you delete your ads, your monthly payment stops automatically.

If you choose the $7.99 option at first, you can purchase the $19.99 option later. The $7.99 monthly charges will cease once the $19.99 charges begin, and we will refund your $7.99 payment if you switch to Unlimited in the first month.

How do I cancel my ad and stop my payments?

Just sign in, go to your Dashboard, and click on Delete an Ad. Once all of your ads are deleted, your payments will stop immediately. Or, if you prefer, you can add a "SOLD" banner across the photo and leave the listing on the site so that potential buyers and sellers will note your success. However, monthly billing will continue as long as an ad remains posted.

How can I see a list of all of the bodies of water in my state?

Click on 'Water Stats', then click on the state name. You will see a list of all water bodies in this State. If you know of a water body that is missing from the list, just send us an email and we'll be happy to add it.

How can I contact USAWaterviews?

Send an email to, or call us at 415.877.1010, 9-5 PT, M-F. Either way, we'll be happy to assist!

Do I need to have a PayPal account?

No. PayPal is not used to process your payment. We use a service called Stripe ( to securely process your credit card information. USAWaterviews does not store any credit card information.

What are the steps to post an ad?

It's quick and easy, with two simple steps: 1. Sign up as an agent or seller 2. Create your ad. You will pay $7.99 per month for one ad, or $19.99 per month for unlimited ads with a credit card, then enter the details for your listing(s). The website will walk you through the steps to post your ad, and if you have any questions or problems, just call us at 415.877.1010 or email us at Your credit card will be charged each month until you delete your ads.

I don't see my property's water body listed when I click on 'Water Stats', and then my State. How can I have it added?

Just send an email to with the water body name and State. We'll be happy to add it right away.

Do you have a direct feed from MLS?

No. We have chosen not to automatically load properties from MLS because we want the property descriptions and photos to be tailored to the water view property buyer, without realtor jargon and without realtor abbreviations, since this website is searched by thousands of buyers from around the world who may not be knowledgeable in real estate terminology. We also encourage sellers and agents to show photos which emphasize the water view, and especially the first photo should include the water view whenever possible.

How do I see all of the waterfront and water view property listings for a specific agent?

Easy. Just click on 'Agents', then choose a State, then click on the agent's name. You'll see all of the listings that they've posted on this website.

Do you have any other websites, similar to USAWaterviews, that address other niche real estate markets?

Yes, our other website,, is the premier website for equine properties. With thousands of properties, it is very similar to easy to search, simple to post ads, and the most cost-effective way to focus on buyers in this niche market. If you are searching for an equine property, or if you have a property to sell that is zoned for horses, check it out today!

I see that you have listings from Canada and other countries besides the US. Do you display currency in units other than US dollars?

Yes, we are an international website. Since most of our buyers are in the US, we display currency only in US dollars.

My property has sold. Can I keep my ad on the website and put a banner on the photo that says, "SOLD"?

Yes. Just log on, go to your Dashboard, and click on "Mark as Sold". You can leave your listing on the website as long as you like to generate potential referrals from buyers and sellers.

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