Discover the Milwaukee Waterfront

On the magnificent shores of Lake Michigan lays Milwaukee, a city famous for its breweries and baseball. Nevertheless, if you have ever visited Milwaukee, you know that’s not all the “Cream City” is known for. You can also enjoy the best cuisine, music scene, bars, museums, and cultural attractions in the Midwest.

But the housing options are the main amenity that makes the city unique and up and coming. Here, you can choose from a variety of homes, from trendy high-rise and townhomes in the downtown to affordable condos, custom build ranches, and family homes on the shore with the most magnificent views. If you consider making Wisconsin your new home, here’s how moving to one of the Milwaukee waterfront communities might be life-changing.

The health benefits of living on the waterfront

It’s well-known that living near water provides serenity and peace. No matter how stressful your day is, the vista from your window or a walk on the shores of the azure waters of Lake Michigan will make a psychological difference. Additionally, being surrounded by water makes you more outdoorsy and the nature around you will be a great motivator. It will make you slow down with work and take a healthier approach to life. Whether it comes to jogging, canoeing, or taking simple walks on the pedestrian trail, you will be not only physically active but also breathe fresh air while the view brings serenity to your mind.

Waterfront locations are also great when working remotely. They can provide an excellent work-fun balance, allowing you to grow your own business in a healthy environment.

You can have a sustainable home

Being near water and nature offers many opportunities for turning your home into an eco-friendly haven. Often, sustainable homes on the waterfront have solar panels for heating and air conditioning, LED lighting, energy-efficient appliances, and wall insulation that minimizes energy use. Sun, wind, and water potential are much easier to exploit in a waterfront environment. According to moving experts from, the opportunity to have a nature-friendly and affordable life are among the reasons their clients mentioned for relocating to one of the Milwaukee waterfront communities.

Considering that waterfront properties often require higher maintenance, upgrading them for sustainability will benefit you greatly. With an initial investment in eco-friendly elements, you will have fewer necessities for future home improvements.

Investing in Milwaukee real estate is a smart call

The main reason why moving to one of the Milwaukee waterfront communities is a great idea is that you’ll have a return on investment if you ever decide to sell the home or rent it. Since the waterfront communities have only so much land available, the real estate has a limited territory and inventory at disposal. With limited options come higher demands, making the market very competitive and expensive.

Even now, the buyers and renters market in Milwaukee is hot, attracting many short and long-term real estate investors. However, you can still find a property in the city starting from $70,000. But if you’re trying to settle in the bustling neighborhoods such as East Town, you’ll have to pay at least  $350,000.

Blooming industry

Milwaukee has rapidly recovered from the financial crisis in the past two years, with metro area population growth and unemployment rates down by nearly 29%! Personal income has grown over 5%, and the city is drawing new investors every day.  Many entrepreneurs, millennials, and young professionals decided to move here because of Milwaukee’s thriving industry. The city is a significant trade, healthcare, and transportation hub, which brings a lot of potential to the already booming center.

You will get to enjoy the Midwestern hospitality

There is no easier way for a city to become your home than to find some friends in it. Moving to Milwaukee will show you that Midwestern hospitality is not a myth. Here people are genuinely nice, with a strong sense of community. You can expect to get a greeting from a stranger on the street and enjoy the best services in Wisconsin. Even though finding reliable local moving experts can be complicated when moving to an unfamiliar place, finding a reputable crew that covers this area has never been easier.

People in Milwaukee especially enjoy festivities and cultural events. This close-knit community is active throughout the whole year. However, most of the events are celebrated during the summer. One of the main events in the “Cream City” is Summerfest – a time when Milwaukee comes alive more than ever. The event attracts many visitors who can enjoy two weeks of a quality music program, food, and beverage. Even though Milwaukeeans love summer, winters in the city are active too. Sledding and ice skating are common pastimes for outdoorsy residents.

Milwaukee amenities

If you’re looking for a moving destination with fantastic quality of life, housing market value, job opportunities, and costs of living, Milwaukee is the place to be. The city also has low unemployment rates and affordable rents, which attracts families and young professionals alike. With the thriving transportation sector, the average commute time is only 23 minutes.

Moving to one of the Milwaukee waterfront communities can benefit you in more ways than you’d imagine. You could be an owner of a magnificent estate on the lake at a very affordable price. In addition, you can have a nice life with many business opportunities in a welcoming community. The lake homes in central and north Wisconsin are often affordable compared to other waterfront properties in the U.S. Still, keep in mind that lakefront homes directly on the lakeshore are among the most desirable on the local market. Thus, it’s often a better value to live near the water — with a water view, but not on the waterfront. The benefit of having a home further away from the water is that you’ll have more privacy with less home maintenance, and often, a significantly lower cost.

Consider a Water View Home at Lake Hopatcong, NJ

Whether you plan to move to Lake Hopatcong or just go there on vacation, you certainly won’t be disappointed by the natural beauty. This enormous, gorgeous, fresh-water lake in New Jersey has been a favorite getaway for families and the elderly for decades. That comes as no surprise as residents and visitors here can enjoy things like fishing, swimming, kayaking, tracking, golfing, etc., all year-round. However, times have changed, and so did Lake Hopatcong. What used to be a peaceful, small town is now an urbanized city full of schools, stores, restaurants, coffee shops, shopping centers, and pretty much anything you would need to live a convenient, modern life. And because of that, more and more people are interested in buying a property and moving here. If you are considering the same, here are some facts about Lake Hopatcong, NJ

Life in Lake Hopatcong, NJ 

Life in this city is best described as easy-going. As previously mentioned, people come here to get away from all the hustle and bustle and enjoy some peace and quiet around the lake. Of course, here, you can enjoy all sorts of water sports as well as golfing and trekking. 

Life in Lake Hopatcong offers something to people from all walks of life. However, the best thing it can offer is the possibility of living the water view dream! Approximately 80% of properties here are located around the lake. So, if this is something you are looking for, give Lake Hopatcong a chance

The Real Estate 

If you are persuaded already, do not start calling moving professionals like just yet. First, look at the real estate there and see whether the homes suit your needs and budget. On a recent day in September 2021, this city had 55 homes for sale. Their prices ranged from $60K to $900K. 

If you want more details about home prices – we’ve got you covered. Namely, if you decide to buy a property here (a smaller home or a two-bedroom apartment, for example), you would need to spare around $218 per square foot. The median listing home price is around $389K, but the homes usually sell for approximately $294K.

Of course, the prices of homes vary depending on their location, condition, and square footage. The styles of homes vary too – you can find anything from water view houses right on the lake to secluded farmhouses and completely urbanized apartments. So, consider everything and think about your needs and preferences – once you do that, feel free to call a local real estate agent

Jobs and Economy 

Unfortunately, when it comes to employment in Lake Hopatcong, NJ, your options may be limited. This is a small city, and because of that, the variety of jobs is limited. However, this does not mean that there aren’t any options at all. For instance, if you have an education and experience in catering and tourism, you will surely find a job here as soon as you move. Health care and education systems are developing as we speak, so there is a need for people with these kinds of skills too. Drivers, store managers, massage therapists, and preservationists are currently needed as well.

However, the most significant need is for the people in the construction industry sectors. As at all lakes with residential properties, maintaining a waterfront property is a big deal here – everything must be kept top-notch to avoid water-related damage. Moreover, more and more people are buying land here, deciding to build their dream homes from scratch. And, of course, for both new construction as well as maintenance, there is a need for all kinds of construction workers


As Lake Hopatcong is close to many bigger cities, commuting is more than possible. Thus, people find their waterfront dream home, and they just commute to work. But, what about those with children? They cannot move somewhere where there aren’t schools! Fear not, Lake Hopatcong is not like other small towns. Here, you have preschools, elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. There are even prep schools for those who plan on enrolling in college or university somewhere else. And all of them have excellent ratings! 

This city has one of the lowest crime rates in New Jersey. So, you can be confident that your little ones are safe while walking to and from school. Do you need a better reason to move? If not, start packing your bags and call professionals from Morris County. They can help your family relocate to Lake Hopatcong from any part of Morris County


And now, let us talk about the best part of Lake Hopatcong – the activities you can do here. Once you unpack and settle in your new waterfront property, put on your walking shoes and start exploring the area. Even though this is a relatively small city, you will soon notice that there is something to do on every corner. Besides the previously mentioned water activities, you can also enjoy sunbathing on the most beautiful sandy beaches, visit numerous hiking trails, play tennis or golf, and have a picnic. 

If you are here with your little ones, be sure to take them to the State Park’s playgrounds, kids’ museum and art gallery, and to the boat ramp where they can see all sorts of different boats. And, if the weather is not suitable for outdoor activities, you can visit the Castle Cove Mini Golf and Arcade Center. While your children are playing, you can enjoy some fine dining on the water or go on a dinner cruise on Miss LottaAnd this is just a fraction of things to do at Lake Hopatcong, NJ!

Fall Garden Maintenance Advice for Homeowners

Ways to Cultivate a Beautiful Yard When It’s Cold Outside

Autumn is here! The dog days of summer are giving way to crisp, refreshing autumn air, making way for spiraling leaves that dot our yards with a plethora of color. As you sit back and relax this fall, observing the wonder that fall can bring — cooler air, fiery foliage, and pumpkin flavors — you may also notice how your garden responds to this change in weather.

Though some shrubs tend to fade this time of year, now is the time to make your yard come alive, whether you plant herbs, produce or prefer to bloom flowers. Here are some tips from USA Waterviews for keeping your green thumb this autumn by creating a beautiful garden even when it’s cold outside.

Spruce Up Your Garden

Get your garden off to a good start this season by ridding your patch of diseased foliage. Rake healthy dead leaves or debris to be added to your compost instead, which helps feed your plants, improves your soil, and reduces the need for chemical fertilizers.

Bugs are proven to be beneficial for your plants, as well. While some bugs can cause anemic-looking, dry plants, at least 95 percent of bugs found in the garden are safe or benign, according to Family Handyman. Beneficial bugs also kill off garden pests and increase the amount of air or water that gets into your soil.

A bit of masonry or woodwork such as a gazebo, stairs, bonfire or a patio is another way to enjoy the cool, crispness of autumn while adding structure, texture, and contrast to your vegetation. Keep the entirety of your yard in mind when implanting a bit of hardscaping by considering the layout, style, location, and the ideal focal point for your yard, whether you choose to design it yourself or professionally. If going with a new fence, you can easily find fence builders near you by visiting Angi and searching for companies. You can also read ratings and reviews online, which is a great start to getting the right pro for the installation.

Hydrate Your Plants

If the fall in your area is a bit arid, be sure to water your plants thoroughly so they stay properly hydrated. Gardens depend on water to grow by releasing stomata, which helps a plant breathe, according to the University of California at Berkeley. If the air is too humid, or if a plant gets too much water, it can rot. If it doesn’t get enough, it can dry out.

So just how much is enough water? It depends on your soil and whether it’s made of clay or sand. Clay is much denser and holds more water, while thinner, sandier soil dries out more frequently. By watering at least 2 inches deep per week, your roots will remain strong and hydrated.

If you still aren’t sure how much water your garden is getting or requires, a soil meter will help keep proper water levels in check, as well as the pH levels of the soil to make sure that conditions are optimal.

Protect Your Yard

While summer offers a plethora of gardening goodies, you can still cultivate cool-season annuals, such as hydrangeas and sumac, to add bountiful color to your yard. If you plan to grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs, you may also plant in-season, heartier produce as well, such as pumpkin, pears, turnips, greens, and apples before the first frost.

When the weather turns cold, make sure to invest in row covers, which are made of non-woven fabrics that help regulate the temperature when it gets very frigid to nearly freezing. Furthermore, row covers also provide adequate sunlight without burning or overheating the plants while protecting them from the spread of disease. You may purchase even sturdier versions that help guard against animals and pests, who love to gnaw on garden offerings.

Pruning during the fall is another option, however, the dormant season is winter. Over-trimming can stunt the growth of your plants so be sure to trim only when needed and during the growing season, which is mid-October in mild climates to mid-September in cold climates. To further prevent plant infection, always clean your pruning shears at the end of each day.

You don’t have to wait until summer or spring to cultivate a fertile garden, bursting with color. With the right know-how, autumn offers an array of options for keeping your garden bountiful and bold this coming fall season.

Looking to buy a waterfront fall getaway? Check out the amazing options on USA Waterviews!

Guide to Big Bear Lake, CA

A small town in San Bernardino County, California, surrounded by mountains and a vast national forest, along the shore of the same-named lake, Big Bear Lake is a popular resort destination. With a population of just above 5,000 residents, according to the latest count, this quaint place attracts a deluge of tourists weekend after weekend, year after year. It also attracts new residents who fall in love with some beautiful waterfront homes. On particularly busy weekends, the number of people staying in it jumps to a staggering 100,000. 

Big Bear Lake offers a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of the city. As one of California’s biggest recreation areas, it offers various activities all year round. And there is something for everyone. You may like it so much that you may decide that Los Angeles has become a little too much and make it your permanent residence. Joking aside, if you do decide to leave LA for some place quiet, you won’t be the first to do it. The natural beauty, fresh air, and the opportunity to spend time outside exploring many trails undoubtedly sound enticing.

Things to do in Big Bear Lake

In the summer, you can enjoy camping, mountain biking, horseback riding, or hiking. When you get tired of all the excitement and walking, you can pick one of the incredible picnic spots. You can also go swimming, although you will have to choose one of the designated areas for this activity. And if fishing is your preferred form of relaxation, you will have to wait for the fishing season to begin. Finally, you can also rent a boat and take one of the scenic tours on the lake. 

Also, if you are more of a winter person, you won’t be disappointed either. Popular winter activities are available here as well. So, you only have to decide how you prefer to spend your weekend – skiing, sledding, or snowboarding. 

How did Big Bear Lake get its name?

The indigenous Serrano people lived in this area more than 2,000 years before Benjamin Wilson and his party arrived. They called the valley “Yuhaviat,” a Serrano word that means “Pine Place.”

But then Benjamin Wilson, accompanied by his 20-men posse, came to the valley and was stunned by an incredible sight. It was swarming with grizzly bears. 

Although, we should point out that the modern bear-inspired name didn’t refer to today’s Big Bear Lake because it didn’t exist before the early 1900s. Rather, it was intended for what is now known as Baldwin Lake. 

A tiny bit of Big Bear Lake’s rich history

At first, only the grizzlies and the Serranos populated the area. But then, the gold rush struck, and the population exploded. And while the people stayed there, the grizzlies haven’t been seen since 1908. Now, residents occasionally report black bear sightings.

How did the gold rush start?

Before Big Bear Lake became a popular resort, it was also viral among people determined to try their luck and get rich fast because this is where you came to mine gold. According to history records, William Holcomb, a bear hunter, was tracking a bear’s blood when he stumbled across a creek. It was just like any other creek, except it was gleaming with tiny flakes of something. It was gold! He did his best to keep it a secret and all to himself. But, as it usually happens, the word spread.

And so, a trickle, a person here and there, quickly turned into a stream of humanity rushing to turn their lives around, bringing families and populating the area. Much like you would schedule a move with SOS Moving LA to get here as fast as possible, they sat on their horses and slowly headed toward a brighter future.

Those were briefly the events of the period from 1860 to 1875. Now, we have some relics and derelict structures reminding us of the days of the gold rush and a valley named after Mr. Holcomb, right where he first caught a glimpse of a shimmering grain of gold. 

A few notable landmarks

While fishing is the most popular activity in the summer, drawing vast numbers of enthusiasts, nature is spectacular, and the lake is beautiful, Big Bear Lake hides a few more attractions up its sleeve. 

Big Bear Solar Observatory

Built in 1969 by the California Institute of Technology, this facility is now home to three telescopes. One of them is the biggest functioning telescope in the entire world!

Although visits are temporarily suspended due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Big Bear Solar Observatory organizes tours for the public free of charge. But, keep in mind that the capacity is limited to 16 people per group, so you have to make a reservation.  

Big Bear’s Treasure Island

Big Bear’s Treasure Island, aka Garstin Island, sits on the lake’s western banks, close to the dam. It is an island of granite rocks with a group of interesting buildings sitting upon them.

But what makes those buildings so interesting? It is some architectural details. And how did those buildings come to exist? Herbert H. Garstin, president and manager of the Bear Valley Mutual Water Company in the early 1900s, and his wife Maude loved this rocky peninsula. Then, they learned about the plan to build a higher dam, turning the peninsula into an island. They swiftly petitioned for a permit to build a home on the new island, and the government granted it. And so, the construction of Herbert and Maude’s little paradise began. Maude frequently traveled to China, so the design of the structures resembles the one style of Chinese homes.

Today, this is one of the nicest places to go for a swim, and you can swim up to the rocks. However, you mustn’t climb onto Treasure Island because it’s private property.

The Old Dam Keepers House

Although in ruins, this is still an iconic landmark in Big Bear Lake. The Old Dam Keepers House was built in 1890 and was home to more than a dozen keepers. The most notable one was Bill Knickerbocker, who came from Pennsylvania and became the first dam keeper.

Together with his wife and five children, they built a log mansion in 1920. The estate was converted into an Inn in the 1980s, but it suffered from decay until it was renovated and continued to exist as B&B until 2017. Today, it is a private residence with modern amenities.

When you see it, you may wish to explore some waterfront properties for sale and think about making Big Bear Lake your home. Or a permanent holiday destination.

Big Bear Lake – a popular filmmaking destination

The fact that many filmmakers chose Big Bear as a backdrop for their films only supports our statements of its natural beauty. Only some of the blockbuster hits made here are “The Last Of The Mohicans”, “Gone With The Wind,” “Little Bigfoot,” “Doctor Dolittle,” “Old Yeller”, “The Parent Trap”, and many, many more.

Final comments

If you decide to visit Big Bear Lake and match all the exciting stories you have heard and read about it to the actual location, remember that this is a popular tourist destination. So, particularly in the summer, make sure to book accommodation well in advance. Also, it tends to get warm during the day but chilly in the evenings and at night, so bring layers. In the winter, the accommodation situation may be better, but be sure to check road conditions as you may need snow chains. The best time to visit famous landmarks is early in the morning, as you will avoid crowds. Lastly, remember to stop and soak some breathtaking views and landscapes.

The Best Waterfront Communities in Virginia

Virginia is divided into nine regions, and each of them is full of historical monuments and countless museums that glorify the past of the USA. But that is not the only thing Old Dominion is famous for. Being a home to many lakes, rivers, ponds, waterfalls, and streams, it continually attracts tourists and homeowners who enjoy waterfront activities. The waterfront communities in Virginia are well-established, each of them usually occupying a spectacular setting with awe-inspiring sunsets. With expansive coastlines and mountain summits that are breathtaking, Virginia can satisfy anyone’s demands, diverse interests, and lifestyle preferences. Its gorgeous beaches, affordable living costs, and wildlife resorts make it a perfect home for nature lovers. If you ever considered buying a coastal property, Virginia’s waterfront communities are worthy of consideration.

Lake Anna Waterfront, Louisa

Lake Anna in Louisa is an hour ride from Charlottesville, Washington, DC, and Richmond. Such close proximity to significant city centers makes it a popular freshwater destination in the state. The lake includes both public and private areas, where the latter have limited access. With its 9,000 acres of outstanding outdoor recreational amenities, such as swimming, camping, fishing, and hiking, the Lake Anna State Park can guarantee a good time, even for those with a limited budget. And for those of more demanding preferences, the nearby area offers a variety of activities as well, including golfing, shopping, and wine tasting.

Onancock town

Onancock is located on the Chesapeake Bay side of the Eastern Shore, founded in 1680. Back in the 17th century, the town was known for its beautiful nature and clean water. Even famous Captain John Smith called it the “Gem of the Eastern Shore” in one of his letters. The name of the community comes from the Native American word for a “foggy place“. From foggy lakeshore settlement to the luxurious waterfront, Onancock is today a bustling port town. Most of the traffic is steamboats traveling from Norfolk and Baltimore. However, the residents mainly rely on the ferry to get them to places, especially to the nearby Tangier Island, another fantastic waterfront community.

Still, the Onancock itself can offer a variety of water activities without leaving its shores. Enjoying kayaking and paddleboarding in Onancock Wharf is one of the options. And when you get tired from recreation, take a stroll on the town streets or visit the local Indian sites. You’ll be able to enjoy stunning Victorian-era architecture and find out about the native history of these areas.

Cape Charles town

Speaking of waterfront communities in Virginia, we can’t help but mention Cape Charles. As the biggest town in Eastern Shore, this place has much to offer when it comes to restaurants, local shops, thrift stores, museums, and churches of many denominations. It’s approachable by Chesapeake BayBridge Tunnel, and like many other coastal communities, the town is a popular choice amongst nature and wildlife lovers. In the proximity of Cape Charles, residents and tourists can enjoy Southeast Expeditions, Kriptopeke State Park, and many other outstanding green surfaces.  But let’s not forget the main attraction of the Cape Charles — kayaking tours. These Bay waters are excellent destinations for those who enjoy touring clean waters through applying different aquaculture practices. Visitors can see and participate in something they don’t get to see every day — working on a clam farm and picking their own clams.

Claytor Lake Waterfront, Pulaski County

Thanks to Virginia’s bustling economy, amazing variety of outdoor attractions, and thriving social and cultural scene, many homebuyers choose to call Eastern Shore home. However, affording a home in some of the waterfront communities in Virginia can be costly. Still, if you’re planning to buy a house affordably, the Claytor Lake area is a great option. This waterfront community is located in rural Pulaski County, not far away from Blacksburg and Christiansburg. During the summer and autumn, the place comes alive since its residents love campsite and picnic areas. You can also pick some of the many recreational opportunities, where the most popular would be boating, swimming, and hiking.

According to moving experts from , Clayton Lake is especially popular amongst eco-friendly homeowners mainly because it has some of the healthiest and cleanest waters in Virginia.

Fawn Lake, Fredericksburg

One of the most breathtaking waterfront communities in Virginia, Fawn Lake, is situated on the banks of the deep-water lake in Fredericksburg. It dwells among surrounding wildlife resorts and amazing forests. If you’re a fan of history, you can find a historic battlefield site in the community’s proximity. The famous Battle of Wilderness between Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee happened just around the corner. This combination of cultural and recreational activities makes Fawn Lake a great retirement resort. Still, there is a diversity of homeowners and tourists in this community. A lot of people have recognized this potential and started growing their rental business through investing in rental properties.

Living here, you can also enjoy the Country club amenities. Mostly, residents opt for various sports activities, such as pool swimming, volleyball, golf, canoeing, water-skiing, tennis, and basketball. However, enjoying the fresh oysters and famous Eastern shore cuisine is an option for those who want calmer leisure time.


Most of the luxurious waterfront communities in Virginia can offer some of the nation’s finest entertainment venues, golf courses, and shopping centers. Still, if you prefer to own a home in a less touristy area, you will be surprised by its affordability, both when it comes to housing options and the cost of living. That’s because purchasing a coastal home is different than buying a house elsewhere. The same factors that raise the value in the housing market don’t necessarily apply here. So before deciding which of these fantastic places should be your new home, make sure to explore the area and the real estate market on your own. That way, you can be sure not to miss some of the hidden gems the “Mother of the States” is full of.

The Best North Carolina Waterfront Communities

Many people dream of living by the water. Absolutely nothing can compare to the feeling of serenity that a view of the river, lake, or sea gives you. If you crave experiences that generate creativity, curiosity, mental wellbeing, and a sense of happiness and satisfaction, it is not difficult to find the source of such a feeling hiding in a home by the water. Just a few steps away from your home, you may have access to sailing, sunbathing, fishing, kayaking, water skiing, or walking along the coast. Is there a better mood booster than a speedboat or a yacht waiting for you in the marina, not far from your house? This list of the best North Carolina waterfront communities can help you make that dream come true.

How to choose the right North Carolina waterfront community?

Before presenting you with the best NC waterfront communities, it’s vital to figure out the essentials you are looking for in a home and its location. The move is sometimes the easiest part, especially with the help of professional movers such as those at Prime Movers NC. Before buying a property or choosing to relocate, you will need to develop a list of things you want and need for the new place – both negotiable and non-negotiable. You will need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the budget you are working with? 
  • Will this be an investment, a vacation house, or your future full-time home?
  • What kind of coastal activities do you prefer? Are you more about fishing and the wonders of nature, or would you like a more playful atmosphere with plenty of tourists and parties?
  • Do you want the beach or the water “in your backyard”?
  • Do you need marina access?

By answering these questions, you will have a good general idea of the kind of place you are looking for. If you are interested in an investment, you will likely go for an oceanfront home, which also makes a great vacation spot. However, rivers, lakes, and waterways are also worth every penny, especially for long-term residents. The best North Carolina waterfront communities are versatile and offer something for anyone! 

A list of the best North Carolina waterfront communities

With its 3,000 miles of coastline, the state of North Carolina gives a fantastic offer of waterfront communities


If you love history and that vintage feel of a place, then this is just the waterfront town for you! This lovely harbor bears the same name as a town in South Carolina, but don’t be confused. Beaufort is the third oldest town in North Carolina and certainly amongst the most charming. The dock is always buzzing with people (fishermen and tourists), the unique homes date from the 17th century, and it’s surrounded by water on three sides. It is also in the proximity of Rachel Carson Reserve, where you can enjoy the fantastic wildlife and nature. 

If you are already in NC and wish to move to Beaufort, you can hire experienced local movers for easy relocation within the state. This will allow you to be closer to the water and fully experience the fun activities that await in this charming community. 


Another historical gem of North Carolina, all the way from 1792. This maritime sanctuary has been refurbished and now stands as a glorious witness of the past times. A set for many movies and TV shows, Southport has also been voted America’s Happiest Seaside Town in 2015, and for a good reason! 

Some of the most entertaining things to see and do at this waterfront community:

  • Learn about the local history – With an abundance of museums — from The Fort Johnston Museum and NC Maritime Museum to the Old Brunswick County Jail — history buffs will have a blast in Southport.
  • Experience water sports – If you are in the mood for an adventure, kayaking here is an experience of a lifetime. 
  • Enjoy the Waterfront – The Waterfront Park in downtown Southport is genuinely one of the most picturesque parks you can find in NC. For a gorgeous vista, fishing, and bird-watching, continue onto Southport Pier and Riverwalk.
  • Feast! – The downtown area alone offers over 30 restaurants specializing in different cuisines – a true heaven for foodies.


Duck stands out from the rest of the Outer Banks centers. It offers a peaceful, green setting with historic houses and lush vegetation. There are no big-box stores or chain restaurants here. Instead, Duck gives a low-key vibe with independent and eclectic businesses. This waterfront community is also known for its one-mile elevated boardwalk that connects numerous stores, restaurants, and parks while offering spectacular views. It hosts a fantastic jazz festival and has been voted one of the Best Restored Beaches in 2018.

Surf City

People searching for a peaceful, family-oriented waterfront community should look into Surf City properties. This town is the oldest of three cities located on Topsail Island. It has a fantastic beach, a mini-golf course, and a turtle rescue and rehabilitation center. You can bet on this location if you want serenity. Great family values, a close community, and a friendly atmosphere is what you can expect to find here.

Kitty Hawk

One of the best attractions of this North Carolina coastal town is its maritime forest in Sandy Run Park and golden sandy beaches. You can also enjoy the family restaurants and explore the waterways. But maybe the most impressive thing is that Orville and Wilbur Wright achieved their first flight in Kitty Hawk. The Wright Brothers National Memorial is located just south of this town. 

Lake Waccamaw

As one of the greatest geological enigmas of the east United States, Lake Waccamaw is intriguing for many. This is one of the best North Carolina waterfront communities for nature lovers. Limestone bluffs along the north shore neutralize the water of Lake Waccamaw. Nearby, you will see the Green Swamp, which is a botanical wonder. If you enjoy investigating the miracles of nature, including rare plants and endangered animals, you should look into properties here.

Tips for Maintaining a Waterfront Property

Buying a luxury waterfront abode is a dream come true, one that many do not wish to spoil with thinking of cleaning and repairing. But the inevitable reality is that every property requires regular maintenance, and waterfront homes are no exception. It is vital to realize that maintaining an oceanfront property routinely over the years is of the utmost importance. Otherwise, the building and the grounds easily fall into disrepair, decreasing property value and disproportionally raising restoration costs. An waterfront home is an investment, and the only way to get an adequate return on that investment is to protect it continuously.

The battle against humidity

The most important task for every waterfront property owner is to control and prevent humidity and mold. You can easily get this issue under control if you install a dehumidifier or properly ventilate the property. However, you might need to invest in a dryer. Depending on the humidity level in your area, air drying your laundry might contribute to the growth of mold indoors. This is something you definitely want to avoid.

Speaking of humidity, it is essential not to overlook home areas that tend to accumulate it. You may think that the only job in your garage is to organize a storage unit properly and create enough space for extra tools. However, you also need to protect those tools and your vehicles. Keep everything that might corrode in airtight plastic containers with a bag of desiccant.

Focus on landscaping as a part of your property

Maintaining your property includes taking care of your grounds, too. However, landscaping is hard work that requires a lot of time that you might not have. Don’t neglect your front and back yard if you don’t have a green thumb. Hire a local landscaping company to determine and advise you about plants that would flourish in your area. They can even maintain your garden for you.

A pretty garden shows that maintaining an oceanfront property is done right. A well-kept yard should be home to native plants accustomed to the climate. Native flowers, shrubs, and trees are resistant to local pests and better adjusted to salt and humidity levels. Choosing the right plants to enrich your surroundings results in lower maintenance costs over time.

Always start with a good finish

Regularly painting your coastal home is a necessity. Proper preparation is the key to a good paint job. It is crucial to scrape, peel and sand off the old layers and apply a new coat of paint properly to preserve the property. Painting doesn’t involve only the coating of the facade but also the patio area, wooden deck, and outdoor furniture. And don’t forget any metal elements!

You can extend the life of your patio furniture if you cover it with a tarp when not being used. It should be safe from salty aerosol and sand abrasion, but you still need to clean it regularly. Furthermore, metal hinges and door locks, among other metal parts, are very susceptible to corrosion. Use a special type of silicone to spray over and protect these elements.

Be a responsible owner

Maintaining an oceanfront property is mostly about prevention. Why have to fix it if you can do everything in your power to avoid potential issues? Waterfront homes, especially those close to saltwater or sandy beaches, get more wear and tear. Bear in mind that you and other residents bring salt and sand inside on your shoes which can cause scratches and discolorations on the floors. Apply quality hardwood finishing, but also make sure to treat your home well.

Sometimes, however, you can’t avoid repairs. Every time you start a home renovation, you need to protect your furniture and other belongings. According to Good Neighbors Moving Company, moving professionals with experience in packing, storage, and relocation of fine art, carefully preparing your property and belongings for renovation is crucial. Otherwise, you risk damaging instead of repairing your estate.

Prepare for the unpredictable

Insurance – there isn’t a major investment that doesn’t require adequate insurance coverage. An oceanfront property is no different. The more demanding the property, the more extensive the policy. However, in this specific case, you should also acknowledge climate change and potential natural disasters. Standard home insurance may not cover flood damage and should be considered separately. It would be best if you didn’t leave anything to chance regarding such a significant, long-term investment.

Do your homework and determine if the area around your home happens to be in a flood or hurricane zone. For example, to discover if a luxury Long Beach estate is in danger of flooding, simply enter its address on the FEMA Flood Map Service Center website. You will find out that this property is in an area with reduced flood risk due to a levee. Such information is essential not only for obtaining the right home insurance coverage but also for planning your property maintenance efforts.

Update your home but choose the materials wisely

If you’re buying an existing, renovated waterfront home, you may not need to refurbish it right away. But if you need to renovate the property, always rely on the best in business. Licensed ontractors should use the high quality materials, ensuring the highest customer satisfaction level. Use the opportunity to inquire and get pro tips on proper maintenance of certain materials, finishes, and luxury surfaces from the experts themselves.

Using only the best quality and most resistant materials for upgrading, renovating, and maintaining an oceanfront property will pay off in the long run, especially when you take into account the increased value of the property. You might even need to build a dock to connect your sophisticated Honeymoon Bay waterfront property to the waterways. Once again, team up only with the most skilled, reputable contractors who use the best materials. They will cost more but you can’t put a price on your peace of mind. After all, you are buying your oceanfront property to enjoy it as long as possible and to increase its value.

Is this the right time to buy water property in the Hamptons?

When buying a luxury waterfront property that’s one of a kind, often people don’t quibble about the price. That has been the case with the Hamptons for years, and things are unlikely to change anytime soon. Not even the pandemic seems to hinder sales. So, why should now be the right time to buy water property in the Hamptons? Simply because it is always a good moment to buy a waterfront home here, and the current situation with the local market proves it.

Hamptons 2020 real estate market is extending steadily into the new year

The upsurge in sales may have worried buyers interested in a Hamptons property. However, the main reason for that flux is relatively easy to explain. New Yorkers needed a nearby outdoor destination to ride out the pandemic, and what better location than the Hamptons? Barely two hours from Manhattan, the area offers a great variety of homes for sale and rent. During last year, rental capacities were full and listings sold within days.

Sellers either left the Hamptons due to a lifestyle change or because they moved out of the area. The ongoing situation has simply urged them to act preemptively, and it continues to do so. There’s no better moment to buy a spacious waterfront home in Peconic Crescent and escape the NYC asphalt, whatever 2021 may bring. A wave of sales will last only so long, and if you want to ride that wave, get on board as soon as possible.

Charming, twelve months a year

Does the right time to buy water property in the Hamptons and move here extend year-round? It does, simply due to its unique location. Imagine watching panoramic ocean views from almost every room in the house, fishing from a boat, and docking to your own private spot, and lounging on your private beach — in your backyard. Moreover, a long-distance relocation to the Hamptons Bay area is practically effortless because a simple transfer for New Yorkers who decide to relocate here is all but guaranteed.

So, it doesn’t surprise at all that many New Yorkers decided to exchange their urban lifestyle for the 365 days in the Hamptons. Switching to remote work during the last year has allowed many people to explore such a lifestyle shift. And when the business hours end, new residents can enjoy boating and exploring the creeks, bird watching and biking, as well as diving into the local artistic and historical legacy.

The Hamptons are always a worthy investment

If there was ever the right time to buy water property in the Hamptons, it is now. New residents are unlikely to leave anytime soon, and those limited, relatively inexpensive homes are going to become even more scarce. Have you ever dreamed about an affordable Westhampton waterfront home with a pool and a dock? Acting quickly will ensure you get an excellent return on investment later, no matter how you decide to use your property. And there are a few good options. You can wait for the moment when good listings become absolutely rare and then sell.

If you wish to keep and enjoy your Hamptons home on occasion, rent it. In case you want to fully embrace the quality of life here, move here and let yourself enjoy. Just make sure you remember everything and don’t let anything slip with the help of your real estate agent. A rush back to NYC as it was to the Hamptons earlier last year is highly unlikely. This is because most people adapted to the remote working style and are not tied to their Manhattan offices. Besides, those who never planned to truly leave the Big Apple have rented homes in the Hamptons. The easing of the pandemic is not expected to affect the local market in any drastic way

Buy a waterfront now and beat the renters to it

Does enjoying the privacy of a Hamptons Bay home with a private beach and spending days cruising, fishing, waterskiing, and exploring sound attractive enough? If it does, you will have to purchase the waterfront home before current renters do. The people who regularly rent in the Hamptons are familiar with the area and with the current owners and might have a head start when it comes to contacts and access to the most attractive properties. 

However, don’t despair. The only ally you need on your side, in this case, is an experienced real estate agent. With an excellent insight into the local waterfront property market, your agent will lead you through the process as quickly and effortlessly as possible, all the while representing your best interests and ensuring you get the best from the deal. Check to find an experienced New York waterfront real estate agent.

What can you expect from the Hamptons and its real estate market in 2021?

As more and more New Yorkers relocate to the area, you will likely have excellent company should you buy a waterfront property here. The seller’s market, as it often is in the Hamptons, is expected to continue well into 2021. The houses are being viewed via video calls and deals are being signed following the current health and safety measures. Even though the ongoing situation tends to stabilize, the new lifestyle seems to appeal to New Yorkers and other new Hamptons residents. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t pick the right time to buy water property in the Hamptons and join in.

You don’t have to buy a mansion to get the best of the bayfront area. Each waterfront home speaks its own story through the shuffle of sands, humming of waves, and soft creaking of your very own dock. The Hamptons aren’t only the posh summer escape destination that combines high life and being “high on life”. It is also a home for the steadily growing number of homeowners and you can become one of them this year.


Growing a Home Business

There are fewer things more exciting than starting your own business. As an entrepreneur, getting your hands dirty in all aspects of the business is exciting and stressful. However, the sense of accomplishment experienced by creating something from scratch is certainly unique to being your own boss.

Small businesses encounter unforeseen obstacles all the time, and one of those obstacles is outgrowing a home setup. Ultimately, it’s a good problem to have. In this article, we’ll review essential factors to consider if you’re starting a new business and steps to take when larger space is necessary.

Essentials for a Growing Business

A business is full of numerous moving parts, and even if you have the most critical items ticked off your to-do list, you can still run into snags. One of the most important steps in starting a

business is obtaining the correct licenses and permits and assuring your business is covered in the event of the unexpected.

You’ll need to decide on the type of corporate entity your business will be. Many small businesses opt to form a Limited Liability Company, otherwise known as an LLC. LLCs are business structures where the business owners are not liable for the debts of the company. Other benefits include minimal paperwork, tax advantages like pass-through taxation, and it’s relatively inexpensive to create. You can even avoid lawyer fees by filing yourself or using a formation service. Just be sure to double-check the regulations in your state of residence, and if  you don’t believe liability risk is a concern, you can opt for a Sole Proprietorship and skip the LLC.

Moving Location

Roughly half of businesses in America are of the home-based variety, and in the future, that statistic is only expected to go up. Not only is running a business out of your home convenient but it’s considerably cheaper than renting or buying separate space. However, not many homes are equipped to handle the evolving needs of a growing company, and if your business continues to grow, it’ll eventually be time to look for a new location.

Many business owners outgrow their original space. Their home might be too loud, too busy, or too small to accommodate growing business needs. Whether or not you have a location in mind, you’ll first need to decide on a price you can afford, and then consider the neighborhoods where you can realistically relocate.

Then comes the fun part of searching for a property. Helpful resources are available to assist in your search, as well as from government resources, which could greatly ease the stress of a home-buying experience. And if you’re ready to make your next property a water view home, be sure to check .

Growing your Home Business

According to the Harvard Business Review, there are five stages to small business growth, and an important tip is to always be looking to improve. We live in a constantly evolving world and it’s imperative to stay ahead of the game if you’re hoping to be successful. Successful entrepreneurs are always seeking ways to advance their knowledge to further their skills and keep their minds sharp.


Although it can be difficult to start and run a new business, it’s an admirable endeavor. Many people dream of being their own boss and never take the plunge. The sense of purpose we find when doing something we truly believe in is unmatched, and the joy we experience in living authentically is contagious.

In the end, it is important to pay close attention to your business needs at all times to ensure that we understand our company’s evolving requirements. Whether it’s investing in a larger home or gritting your teeth while assisting an unpleasant customer, if it’s for the success of your business — it’ll be worth the while. 

Tips for Buying a Waterfront Property in North Carolina

Buying a house is certainly rewarding, but it can be challenging as well. However, if your goal is to own a North Carolina waterfront property, you will likely encounter different issues from those surrounding the purchase of a land-locked property. For example, you might be wondering if you should buy a Kill Devil Hills property or choose a more secluded location. You will have to decide if you are willing to undertake the additional maintenance responsibilities encountered by waterfront property owners. And you will most likely encounter a price differential the closer you buy to the water.

North Carolina waterview

Emerald Isle Beach, with plenty of options for buying a waterfront property in North Carolina.

And speaking of costs, the cost calculations for your dream home needs to include your move and moving costs. These should not be separated, as planning your move and choosing your property both require a lot of research and good preparation. There will also be many decisions you’ll need to make for a successful purchase and move.

The choice of location is certainly one of the most significant decisions but you’ll also need to create a budget for your relocation. Finally, you’ll need to decide if you want to handle the packing and move or if you want professionals movers to get you to the destination and schedule your move on time. And keep in mind that these are only some of the many choices that only you can make. 

Homebuyers need to know what their needs and wants are in order to find the home of their dreams. There are many fantastic waterfront properties in NC, but you need to find the one that will allow you to live the life you want and do the activities you enjoy. 

Find the right real estate agent

A real estate agent that does not have experience in selling waterfront homes might not be able to help you make the best decision.

What you need is an agent who has a detailed knowledge of waterfront real estate in the area of your choice. Due to these properties’ special characteristics, you might fall into the trap of believing that you’ve found a great deal. However, the reality might be that a lower price is caused by things that wouldn’t even come to your mind, such as oyster beds that prevent the access of boats!

Choose the perfect location

We all know how important location is in the world of real estate. While the professionals from can bring your belongings anywhere you like, it’s up to you to find the perfect location for your new home.

When searching for a waterfront property in NC, you will probably consider the access and proximity to water. However, keep in mind that if your main priority is peace and quiet, privacy is one factor you need to consider. Imagine reading a book and enjoying the view of the ocean horizon, only to be interrupted by the noise of tourists and boats. Unless you want to get up at 4 AM to have your moment, it’s probably a good idea to look for another location.

Also, remember that it’s not only about the water. Just like with land-locked properties, make sure there are shops and other amenities nearby. In case you have medical needs, the proximity to the hospital rather than the yacht club might be more important to you. The driving distance to your office and traffic jams in the area are probably just as critical as access to the water.

You’re not only buying the water view

Aside from the house, you’re also choosing the body of water. And this does not mean that you’re only buying the water view. 

Purchasing a waterfront estate means that you should research the body of water the property overlooks. In North Carolina, there is a great choice of lakefront properties, riverfront, and beachfront properties overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It comes down to what type you prefer, and once you have no doubts about that part, you need to do thorough research on the body of water of your choice.

Water bodies have different characteristics, such as depth, size, quality of water, etc. Depending on your reason for purchasing a waterfront estate, make sure that the water body of your choice will fulfill your expectations. 

If you plan to use a boat, check if the water depth will not be an issue. But, if your main goal is swimming, you don’t want polluted water or water with dangerous animals.

Finally, the history of the shoreline should play an important part when making your decision. Shores move and erosions might occur, so it’s better to know it in advance.

Choose a property that fits your lifestyle

When searching for waterfront properties, many people forget how important it is that the location suits their lifestyle. For example, Wristeville Beach in the Wilmington area or Myrtle Beach are excellent options if you want to enjoy the urban nightlife scene. On the other hand, buying a property on Lake Waccamaw, for example, provides an entirely different kind of experience.

 If your new home is half an hour away from the ocean, and you love surfing, chances are that you won’t enjoy the sport very often. For that reason, focus on the activities you love doing and make sure to choose the location and the property accordingly. By focusing on your priorities and deciding what really matters to you, you will have a better chance of living the life you want.

How often will you stay at your waterfront home? If you’re a year-round resident, living in an ocean view home might be more convenient. On the other hand, if you’re buying a house for seasonal use, an oceanfront home might better suit your needs. 

Take care of the important details

When buying a waterfront property in North Carolina, it’s easy to get carried away. However, you shouldn’t forget about the not-so-exciting, yet important details, such as maintaining your property, flood insurance requirements, and your responsibilities as a waterfront property owner.