Creative Landscape Ideas for Your Waterfront Property

It can be tricky to come up with good ideas to improve your waterfront property. Well, we’re here to
help you out with our creative landscape ideas for your waterfront property!

Make a rest area

The first thing to consider when it comes to landscape ideas for your waterfront property is installing a
proper outdoor rest area. The entire point of a waterfront property is, after all, enjoying the relaxing and
often breathtaking scenery that a stretch of seemingly endless water provides. And even smaller lakes
can install a sense of awe in the observer. So, it is only natural to want a proper setup to enjoy all that
beauty! A veranda, a porch, or even some benches or swing seats can provide a decent solution. It all
comes down to the size of your yard and your personal preferences. Of course, one of our tips for buying water view real estate is to ensure you have a decently sized yard for this reason!

Consider walkways

Walkways are a downright necessary addition when doing waterfront property landscaping. Especially if
you live on a mainly sandy or muddy beach. Sure, setting it all up might be a bit troublesome. But having
unfettered and very clean access straight to the water can only be described as luxurious. Of course, this
might not be the perfect solution if you are looking into beach house improvement ideas on a budget. Because quality walkways typically rely on wood, this material can be costly to acquire at this
time. Still, a lovely wood shade in the right light conditions and with proper lacquer applied? The scene
would be nothing short of mesmerizing, giving a whole new dimension to watching sunsets or sunrises.

The beauty of plants

Of course, if you have the right condition for it, you’d be remiss to pass on one of the best possible yard
decorations: flowers! Note, though, that this is a point where lakefront vs. oceanfront home key differences to consider pop up. Lakefront property is likely to be able to support a successful, thriving
garden. An oceanfront property? Much, much less likely without a lot more work. Especially if you want
to avoid planters and live near a particularly sandy beach. Still, this issue is not impossible to overcome.
You will just need to invest in the requisite equipment, and you can absolutely have a lush paradise to
admire while gazing out over your beach.

Make the best use of lighting

Light fixtures are one of the musts to install on your waterfront property. There are two different
reasons why this is necessary. First, obviously, is the utility of lights. You can properly illuminate your
yard and make it much easier for you to enjoy your time there in the evenings or even overnight.
Especially considering you can get light fixtures that are reminiscent of lanterns and make the
atmosphere positively romantic. The second reason is far more pragmatic: safety. Waterfront properties
are most often open, which means they are more prone to burglary than other home types. Motion-sensitive light fixtures will both discourage potential home invaders and warn you of someone’s
presence. Of course, good light fixtures tend to be expensive and fragile. So, the experts from State to State Move recommend either getting professional packing help or specialized moving containers if you
want to take them with you.

Water features can fit right in

It sounds silly at first to include water features among landscape ideas for your waterfront property.
However, if done properly, the effect can be well worth the effort. An example would be making an
artificial stream winding through your yard. Or installing tasteful fountains that can somewhat double as
a sprinkler system while keeping your yard even cooler during the peak of summer. They can even be
rigged up to draw water directly from the lake or ocean next to your property and feed them back to it,
so you don’t need to worry about water wastage.

The potential of a pavilion

Another of the landscape ideas for your waterfront property we’ve to offer is building a pavilion. Not
just any sort of pavilion, mind you! Our suggestion is to leverage your walkways even further and use
them to connect your home to a pavilion built above the waterline. If executed properly, this idea will
provide you with a stunning vista from which to enjoy the view of the water. It would also be an ideal
location for smaller parties and events which do not require you to host too many people. The only
downside would be the cost of the project, which would likely be higher than any other suggestion on
our list.

The appeal of a fence

The final of the landscape ideas for your waterfront property we’ve to present is adding a fence. Now,
this will not really directly enhance the beauty of your yard, other than potentially providing a good
surface for climbing roses to cling onto if that is your preferred aesthetic. However, it will afford you the
one thing you need in order to truly enjoy all your other landscaping: privacy. When it comes to
waterfront properties, even if you manage to find your ideal waterfront property for purchase, they are
typically not big on privacy — unless you own the body of water! After all, all waterfront properties, by definition, open onto a water surface on at least one side. So you can never really be completely shielded from prying eyes. Still, being able to provide yourself with some coziness and a feeling of isolation when you want to relax is invaluable.

Final word

We hope you found our creative landscape ideas for your waterfront property interesting and helpful!
Whatever you decide to implement in your own home, just remember: it is always better to get the help
of professionals from the start instead of having to call them in to fix attempted DIY projects. They know
how to keep themselves safe and complete projects in record time, which is why you should rely on

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