How to Keep Kids Safe in a Waterfront Home

If you live on the water, you know that one of the most significant benefits is being able to spend time with your family. Whether cooking out on the deck or watching kids splash around in their backyard pool, waterfront living can be a great way to bond and have fun together as a family. However, if you haven’t thought about safety and you’re not prepared for some of the dangers of having a pool, lake, river, or ocean access, you could end up putting your entire family at risk. Take a look at some ways to keep kids safe when they play near water.

Set up a pool alarm

One of the first things you should do after buying water view real estate with a pool is to set up a pool alarm. A pool alarm is a device that goes off when someone enters or leaves the water, alerting you and other people nearby of any possible danger. You can buy these alarms at most hardware stores for about $50-$75, depending on which model you choose. The cheaper ones are often just as effective at protecting your child from drowning as more expensive options.

To set up your pool alarm, you’ll need to attach one end of the cord to something solid. The best place is somewhere near where children play in the water (like a fence post or patio table). Then, you should run it around your entire property. This will cover all areas where kids swim or play in the water. Plug the other end into an outlet. It will work even if no one is home as long as there is still be an electrical current running through this outlet at all times and sending out alerts.

Have the proper supplies and equipment on hand

You should also ensure that you have a life jacket for each child, a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, and fire blanket. Many people think it’s okay to move into a waterfront home without having those things because they won’t use them, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. And if something does happen, you will have them when you need them most.

If your front yard is overcrowded with unnecessary items and junk, these could all be dangerously attractive for your kids. And if you don’t know what to do with all the items, consider renting a storage unit. You can hire professionals who can help you clear the space and find a suitable storage solution for your belongings. It’s not easy to keep it tidy, but making your backyard an oasis is one of the best ways you can help make your neighborhood an enjoyable place to live.

Add a pool fence

Having small kids around the pool can be stressful, mostly because of their safety. This is why installing a pool fence can be a great idea. When choosing one, consider pedestrian fences – they are the most common type and should be at least 5 feet high. While you maintain your waterfront home and the pool area, this type of fence is easy to disassemble and remove.

Another good reason is to add a fence gate to your waterfront property. It can be an excellent solution for owners who have many different areas pets could sneak in (for example, on your patio). If you install a gate in your fence, make sure it is solid wood or another sturdy material. This way, it cannot easily be broken down by children playing near the edge of waterfront properties.

Talk to kids about water safety

Kids need to know how to be safe around the water when they’re out at the beach or in a waterfront home. For example, you should teach your children what to do if someone falls in the water. Not only should they know how and where to get help quickly, but they also need to know what happens when someone else is in danger. Let them know how to call 911 and stay calm until an adult or a trained professional arrives on the scene.

Besides teaching kids how to swim and care for themselves, you should also prepare them for unexpected small animals. More importantly – teach them how to behave around them. Some children are afraid of little lizards, bees, flying bugs, and other animals. But some of them can be

curious and try to interact. The most important thing is to help kids understand how insects and small reptiles behave and how to stay safe around them. Of course, you should make sure to clean your front yard and create a child-friendly environment. You can always try to keep it free from unwanted animals and prevent dangerous situations. If your grass is cut and all the paths are clear as well, your child should have plenty of space to safely play.

Moving into a waterfront home with children

Moving into a new home is never easy, especially when children are around. If your kids are not used to this type of property, you will have to explain the surroundings of your new home. However, before you can unpack and get used to your new home, you should organize the moving process first. Contacting professional movers can ease your moving day and simplify this process. Experts from Safari Movers Atlanta suggest looking for moving assistance early on since this will help you get multiple bids and find affordable moving services. In case you are moving as a big family with pets, consider booking packing and pet relocation services.

Living in a waterfront home is a dream come true for many people. However, keeping kids safe on this property can be challenging. If you create a safe environment for them and explain their surroundings right away, you will minimize the chances of your children getting hurt.

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