Utah (from the Ute for “people of the mountains), located in western United States, is one of the most geographically endowed states in the nation. The Rocky Mountains, with their jagged, snowy peaks, run through the northeast corner of the state. The Basin and Ridge Region extends over western Utah, famous for the Bonneville Salt Flats. South and Eastern Utah is distinguished by the Colorado Plateau, high country marked by striking canyons and deep valleys. Southeastern Utah is known as Four Corners, neatly touching the borders of Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. The State of Utah is closely associated with the Mormon religion.

Mormons cultivated lands with irrigation when they first arrived in the mid-19th century, but very little acreage in Utah is devoted to farming. Mineral exploitation spurred economic growth in the region, chief among them the mining of copper.

WWII brought industrial growth and military installations to the state, and more recently the manufacture of spacecraft, computer hardware, software and electronics have contributed to a dynamic economy. Coupled with a healthy tourism trade and petroleum production, Utah is living up to its State nickname.

Water Bodies

  • American Fork River
  • Bear Lake
  • Bear River
  • Dirty Devil River
  • Escalante River
  • Fish Lake
  • Flaming Gorge Reservoir
  • Fremont River
  • Great Salt Lake
  • Green River
  • Jordan River
  • Jordanelle Reservoir
  • Lake Powell
  • Little Bear River
  • Logan River
  • Malad River
  • Mirror Lake
  • Moon Lake
  • Muddy Creek
  • Ogden River
  • Oowah Lake
  • Panguitch Lake
  • Paria River
  • Pineview Reservoir
  • Price River
  • Provo River
  • Raft River
  • Rush Lake
  • San Rafael River
  • Scofield Reservoir
  • Sevier Lake
  • Sevier River
  • Stansbury Lake
  • Starvation Reservoir
  • Strawberry Reservoir
  • Utah Lake
  • Utah Lake*
  • Virgin River
  • Weber River

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