6 Affordable Lake Towns in Texas

You’re probably already aware that Texas has many mesmerizing places that people love to call their home. Although, it’s not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Texas, there’s nothing quite as special as living in one of its lake towns. Owning a property near a still body of water has many benefits. As a rule, the price of these benefits can sometimes be a hard pill to swallow. But worry not, we’ve come prepared. Here are the top 6 most affordable lake towns in Texas.

Surround yourself with top-tier professionals

The most important tip that’ll aid you while you research which of these Texas lake towns is for you is to surround yourself with the right people. Hiring professionals that you trust and respect will get you very far. The most important fields you need to cover are purchasing a home, relocating, and handling your finances.

● Real estate agents

Finding a good real estate agent in Texas shouldn’t be too hard, right? However, if you wish to be in the most excellent hands, make sure to go the extra mile. Hire agents who specialize in waterfront properties. Their experience will benefit you beyond measure.

● Movers

Seeing as how you’re looking to purchase and reside in one of the lake towns in Texas, you’ll most likely need to relocate there first. Finding the right company will help save your budget for what really matters. According to the pros at State to State Move, relocation can cost you little or quite a bit – it’s all up to who you choose to guide you.

● Financial advisors

Deciding on your budget and knowing which purchases you’re eligible for can be somewhat overwhelming. If you’re unsure, you can always hire a financial advisor to lead the way.

The most affordable lake towns in Texas

Making your way to one of Texas’ lake towns needs to start with finding the right one. We’ve come up with some worthy contesters.

1.    Sherman – Lake Texoma

Sherman is one of the smaller towns right by lake Texoma. It’s been named the fifth most affordable place in the whole country by the Council for Community and Economic Research. This index considers many different factors that affect the cost of living. Although it’s great that Sherman is a very affordable place, that’s hardly its best quality. Its community is very active, and there’s no shortage of all kinds of sporting and cultural events all year round. Whether you’re looking for a wild night out or a relaxing weekend, you’ll find it. It’s no wonder that many choose this town both as a tourist favorite spot and to call home.

2.    Karnack – Caddo Lake

Karnack is a small place near Caddo Lake. It has a very tight-knit community, and there’s a lot of family-owned small businesses throughout it. The nature that surrounds it, including Caddo Lake, is unreal. There are bald cypress trees with moss that changes shades and colors as the seasons go by. It also had quite an interesting historical background. The lake offers many forms of entertainment, including fishing, bird watching, and exploring plant life. If you’re looking for a unique and secluded place that’s affordable, look no further.

3.    Fischer – Canyon Lake

A tiny place near Canyon Lake with many great homes and an even greater community is worth all the praise it gets. Even though it doesn’t have the richest history, this town has done its best to be one of the more fun and action-filled places you’ll run into. You can go bowling, dancing or sightseeing any day of the week. For the fans of the holiday spirit and all that it stands for, it’s a perfect place. If the people of Fischer know how to do something right, it’s make holidays a blast. After spending a holiday at the Arboretum, you’ll never be the same again.

4.    Granbury – Lake Granbury

Granbury is one of those places that feel like home the second you step foot in it. The southern hospitality is really strong here. If you appreciate living in a city that feels like a neverending weekend getaway, you might have found it. It’s been proclaimed USA Today’s Best Historic Small Town in America for two years now, which means that you’ll have no shortage of museums and other culturally relevant exhibits to visit. There are also great dining out places that you shouldn’t miss if you’re in the area.

5.    Azle – Eagle Mountain Lake

Many people state that there’s really no need to choose between lake towns when purchasing water view real estate – their choice is obvious, and it’s Azle. This suburban community offers peace and quiet that are unrivaled. Of course, this doesn’t mean that there’s a shortage of things to do. You can go to malls, museums, theatres, nature centers and so much more if you please. However, if you feel like getting away, there are plenty of options to do that as well.

6.    Scroggins – Lake Cypress Springs

Last but not least, we have Scroggins. It’s undoubtedly the smallest and quietest place of the bunch. Many people choose it as their retirement destination. It’s charming, unique, and affordable, making it perfect for seniors. If you’re in the mood for a more busy and thrilling time, its location will enable you to visit some exciting surrounding areas. However, if you like the quiet, you’ll want nothing more than this community.

Moving to Texas

If you’re exploring the lake towns that Texas has to offer because you wish to relocate, why wait any longer? Especially if you have a long-distance move ahead of you, start planning it right away. Finding the right movers that’ll take you to your new home will get you much closer to realizing this wish.

Final thoughts

Regardless of which one of the lake towns in Texas you’ve grown fond of, you won’t make a mistake. Contrary to popular misconception, these waters are some of the best that Texas has to offer. If you end up moving, make sure to set some time aside and explore all the spots that have caught your eye during this search.

Article written by Sally Norton

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