7 Things to Know Before Moving to Florida

Are you planning on moving to the Sunshine State? Well, the good news is you’re not alone. Whether it’s Florida’s bustling cities, luxurious waterfront homes, sandy white beaches, or quaint retirement communities, people are recognizing the benefits of moving to the state. Before you pack your bags, USAWaterviews compiled a list of 7 things to know prior to moving to Florida.

#1 – Those Florida Beaches

Florida’s sub-tropical weather offer mild winters and long summers, which creates the perfect atmosphere for hanging out at the beach. Especially with the Gulf of Mexico on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other, Florida has countless beaches. These beaches offer a variety of fun activities, including swimming, surfing, fishing, boating, or simply reading a book in the sand.

Now, it’s important to remember that spring breakers flock to Florida throughout March and April. Not all tourists are party goers though, some are young families that want to escape the cold weather and visit Disneyland.

#2 – Real Estate Opportunities

If you have dreamed of living in a property either on the water or with a water view, then Florida is probably the state for you. There are plenty of coastal cities that have affordable real estate, see our article on the Best Florida Waterfront Communities for Families to learn more. There are a variety of different home styles depending on your location. Buyers can find historic homes built in the early 1900s or modern contemporary homes built within the past few years. Some homes offer Spanish or Mediterranean influence – sporting clay or tile roofs, stucco walls, spacious outdoor living areas, and arched windows or doors.

#3 – Sporting Attractions

It usually doesn’t take too much convincing to get a sports fan to move to Florida. The state boasts a wide variety of sporting events. Starting with the Daytona 500, every year NASCAR offers fans a 500-mile long race held at the Daytona International Speedway. If you haven’t attended the Dayton 500, it’s fun to try at least once.

Now, there are a variety of other sporting options too. Football fans can choose between 3 different teams; the Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Dolphins, or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. While baseball fans can pick between the Florida Marlins or Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Lastly, for those basketball fans, there is the Miami Heat and Orlando Magic.

#4 – Beautiful Wildlife

Get ready to stop some truly spectacular wildlife! Florida has diverse ecosystems and landscape that provide the perfect environment for a variety of species. The news commonly portrays Florida wildlife as sharks, snakes, and alligators. However, Florida has smaller species such as armadillos, bobcats, foxes, iguanas, opossums, and fire ants. Plus, there are 500 species of birds and 4,000 species of vibrant flowers.

Now, have you ever heard of sea cows? Well, one of the most popular Florida mammals is the gentle, slow-moving manatee. If you go kayaking, you might be lucky enough to spot one!

#5 – Rich Culture

Florida has a rich history and culture that has been influenced by settlers from Europe, Latin America, Asia, and the Caribbean. These cultural impacts influence the local food, homes, events, museum attractions, and art festivals.

For example, the Salvador Dali Museum showcases the largest collection of Salvador’s paintings. The gallery is located in St. Petersburg and features over 2,000 pieces of his artwork. 

#6 – Tasty Restaurants

As mentioned in the previous bullet, Florida has a rich culture which influences the local cuisine. You can find a wide range of delectable restaurants ranging from Southern food near Georgia’s border to Creole and Cajun food near Miami and West Palm Beach. If you want to try some local favorites, be sure to test out the Cuban sandwich, gator tail, Florida stone crab, or key lime pie. (Gator tail tastes just like chicken!)

Florida is one of the largest producers of citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, and grapefruit. Plus, local fishermen go fishing daily and bring their fresh fish to the local markets and restaurants.

When you combine the locally grown produce with freshly caught fish and rich cultural recipes, you get incredible food!

#7 – Hurricane Readiness

The Florida weather has multiple positive aspects. However, hurricanes do occur and home owners should be prepared. Hurricane season ranges from June to November with the peak season being August and September. It’s important to be informed about the hurricane risks in your area and follow the proper protocol to make sure you, your family, and your home remain safe.

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