Living on the Water, House-Boat Style

Have you ever dreamed of living on the water? And we don’t mean living on the shoreline. We mean living on the water – in a home that is floating. House boating offers a laid-back lifestyle to those looking to be surrounded by nature and other friendly house boaters.

Especially for those looking to retire or work remotely, house boats can be a great compromise.

Texas House Boat Regulations

Now, for those interested in the house boat lifestyle, you might want to consider living in Texas. The state of Texas has some of the most relaxed laws in regards to house boating. House boats in Texas must be on a water source that leads to the sea, such as Lake Travis, Trinity River, Lake Livingston, Corpus Christi, etc.

Each marina or city specific policies vary so it is important to verify the living aboard expectations and the long-term anchor regulations.

There are various amenities surrounding the marinas, depending on the location. For example, Corpus Christi has been voted one of the best places to live in a house boat. There are a handful of downtown marinas that are centrally located to delicious restaurants, various museums, and local breweries. Corpus Christi also overlooks the Gulf Coast with multiple sandy beaches.

Modern Accommodations

House boats were previously perceived as cramped and confined. Not anymore! Now-a-days, house boats can be quite luxurious, boasting multiple stories, spacious kitchens, hot tubs, wet bars, and water slides. There are two primary kinds of house boats; motorized and moored. If you plan to move from one lake to another, you will need a motorized boat.

Endless Visitors

It has been commonly said among house boaters that you never have to beg your families or friends to visit. House boats provide a fantastic source of entertainment. Visitors are able to enjoy kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming, or simply floating on the water with a cold beverage in-hand.

Dock Rent vs Mortgage

One of the many perks to owning a house boat is that dock rent is typically more affordable than a home mortgage. The cost of dock rent depends on your location and whether you live on a mooring ball (a buoy that is anchored to the seabed). Oftentimes house boat owners can take advantage of the lower costs by traveling during the extremely cold or warm months. Or some owners choose to rent out their house boats during peak seasons.

Maintenance Costs

Maintenance costs are highly dependable on the age and condition of the house boat. Of course, older house boats require more repairs. However, in retrospect, the maintenance of a house boat is generally comparable to the maintenance of a home.

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