Spotlight: St. Johns River and Nancy Brand


When people think of Florida, the glitz and glam of places like Miami and Palm Beach often come to mind. Less talked about, but equally, if not more, worthy of acclaim, are the gorgeous river and lakefront towns of mid-Florida, whose popularity has seen a dramatic spike in the past decade.

These mid-Florida counties are all served by Realtor Nancy Brand, whose knowledge and love of mid-Florida are evidenced by her 30 years of real estate sales in Seminole, East Lake, and West Volusia Counties. Specializing in waterfront, acreage, and unique properties, and with MLS exposure in the Mid-Florida, Lake and West Volusia Boards, Brand is unparalleled in both her depth of experience and her passion for the water and the land that she serves.

A main allure of Mid-Florida, for tourists and homebuyers alike, is St. Johns River, whose shimmering blue waters lazily snake through it. At 310 miles long, St. Johns is the longest river in all of Florida, as well as its most significant river commercially and recreationally. With a very low flow rate of 0.3 mph, St. Johns ebbs and flows peacefully and contains roughly 3,500 total lakes within its overall watershed. Among the largest and most popular of these lakes are Lake Harney and Lake Monroe, both situated by the border of Volusia and Seminole Counties, and both containing a vast diversity of wildlife species.

Volusia County, renowned for its gorgeous natural scenery, is home to a whopping 11 state and national parks. In East Volusia you’ll find Daytona Beach, revered as much for its beautiful sandy beaches as it is for being the home of the Daytona 500 – NASCAR’s most prestigious race, held annually.

Adjacent to Volusia County sits Seminole County – one of Florida’s most rapidly growing counties. In addition to its pristine natural beauty, Seminole County is one of the longest, continually inhabited regions in all of the United States, and boasts a rich history. Native Indians living in the region were famously recruited by British soldiers to fight alongside them during the American Revolution. The British also offered freedom to African-Americans who joined their ranks in battle, and a large number of freed slaves from Alabama and Georgia settled in Seminole to exercise their newfound freedom.

Fishermen from all over the country are drawn to Seminole County by the thousands, attracted in particular by its unparalleled abundance of largemouth bass, black crappies, and bluegills. St. Johns River boasts an astounding 183 species of fish, and is regarded as one of the premier fishing destinations in the United States.

Lake County sits to the west, aptly named for its profusion of lakes. In addition to its 250 named lakes, Lake County is home to nearly 2,000 other bodies of water. With nearly 20% of its overall area comprised of water, Lake County boasts a unique combination of flora not seen in other parts of the state, let alone country; Sweetbay magnolias, cypresses, tupelos, and the breathtakingly beautiful American white water lilies abound, particularly along the banks of the St. Johns. Frog choruses provide a tranquil backdrop to warm Lake County nights.

These counties are in close proximity to Orlando, which recently ranked among the nation’s 10 most desirable cities in which to live, and is host to such major tourist attractions as Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, and SeaWorld.

Should you find yourself captivated by all that mid-Florida has to offer, Nancy Brand is your premier resource for all real estate information, services, and properties in the area.

Whether it’s fishing, boating, or lazing away on the St. Johns, Central Florida has something for everyone – come discover your own Florida lifestyle!




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