Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Residence is ready for spring
A sparkling clean home after spring cleaning is complete!

The spring season is just around the corner and sunshine is luring us outside more and more every day. We have all been a little bit lazy during winter, so now is the time to take the bull by the horns and prepare our entire property for the arrival of the most pleasant season. But, what exactly should you do and where to start — those are the questions that you will find the answers to in our list of spring home maintenance tips for your property.

Start from the top – clean your gutters

You will find this piece of advice in almost every list of spring maintenance tips for your property. Cleaning the gutter two times a year will keep you safe from the damage that overflowing water can do to your home. As a matter of fact, dust, leaves, and all sorts of dirt tend to accumulate in your gutters, which can block them entirely.

If you have a ladder, a pair of gloves and a garden hose, you can do this errand by yourself. If not, there is no reason to worry since many professionals offer to do it for you. The DIY option would imply you getting up on a ladder and cleaning the leaves by using your hands. After that, you should use your garden hose to force clean with water pressure any leftover dirt. Once you finish that, you should inspect your gutters for any leaks. Remember, improper drainage can cause a flood in your home and basement or it can damage your foundation, thus causing even more serious problems.

Inspect your Roof

This is the time of year when you should inspect your roof since springtime might bring heavy rain. If you are comfortable with using a ladder you can take a closer look, but if not, you might even use binoculars to see whether there are some issues there. Whatever option you choose, make sure that you do it thoroughly since early intervention can save you loads of money if you later need to repair more serious issues. Bear in mind that proper roof maintenance is one of the home improvements for a successful resale when the time comes. So, here is what you should check:

  • If your ceiling has damp patches, your roof definitely has a tear somewhere, so pay special attention to that part of the roof.
  • A cracked or slipped tile can lead to many more being damaged.
  • Check for some sagging parts of your roof — they can mean that something structural might be broken.

If you have rain barrels, check the condition they are in when inspecting your roof. It might be a good idea to see if your attic has any unwanted guests since birds, rodents and some insects can cause serious damage to your property.

Garden and yard maintenance

Your garden is also one of the areas of your property that you should prepare for spring since you will probably be spending more time outside now that the weather is improving. Just imagine that relaxing coffee setup you can have in your garden!

Lawn Mower
Gardening equipment needs to be prepared for spring

Remove the leaves and debris, and dig the flower beds and borders. After that, you should fertilize the soil and plants to help them start growing. The choice of fertilizer is very important here, so you might even consult a gardener or your florist. Don’t use toxic weed killers to get rid of the weeds that started growing through the cracks on your pathway or driveway as they may be carcinogenic.

Other activities to help your garden and your backyard shine might include:

  • Checking your gardening tools and lawn equipment. Having the properly maintained tools will help you complete your yard work much faster.
  • Fix or change any broken fences and gates.
  • Use compacted soil to fill any low areas in your yard. That can prevent the foundation from flooding the heavy rains can cause. And you will probably agree that puddles are not just an eyesore but can sometimes be unsafe and unsanitary.
  • Refresh your shed by cleaning, decluttering, or repainting it.
  • If you stored your firewood next to your house during winter, you should move it away now.

Inspect concrete patios

A broken patio is not only an unsightly image. It can also cause drainage problems during the rainy season. And, fixing it is extremely important in humidity and mold prevention in waterfront homes. Luckily, you do not have to change the broken concrete slabs since you can fill the cracks with a special filler or silicone caulk. And it would be an optimal time to power wash the concrete before sealing it.

Clean the crawlspace around your house

Many houses have crawl spaces, meaning that there are vents along the foundation walls. This is important for air circulation which prevents mold growth and excess moisture. But the screens often collect leaves and dirt and it is important that they remain undamaged since they can prevent critters from damaging your house. Check to see if any need to be repaired.

Clean your home exterior

Springtime is perfect for power washing your house to remove nasty composites of dust and dirt. Make sure that you book professionals to do that for you in a timely manner. After your home is clean and sparkly from the outside, you will be able to see whether your painted surfaces need to be repaired or not. Check your window frames and clean your windows inside and out to give your house a total facelift.


Gutters need cleaning
Spring is perfect for power washing your facade and cleaning your gutters

Check the faucets

Outside faucets can undergo freeze damage. In order to check if that is the case with yours, you should cover the opening using your thumb and turn the water on. If you can stop the flow by doing so, that means that the pipe inside might be damaged somewhere as the water may be flowing out of a leak in the pipe.

Service the AC unit

Springtime is also perfect for hiring professionals to clean your cooling and heating unit. What you can do by yourself is clean the interior filter regularly. When you do that, move on to check the fire alarms and clean your washer/dryer vent to prevent fire hazards in your home.


These spring maintenance tips for your property might not seem so inviting, but once you clean your property, you will have more time to enjoy springtime at your home, inside and out. Home ownership is our main investment nowadays, so let’s try to make it enjoyable.

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