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Consider a Water View Home at Lake Hopatcong, NJ

Whether you plan to move to Lake Hopatcong or just go there on vacation, you certainly won’t be disappointed by the natural beauty. This enormous, gorgeous, fresh-water lake in New Jersey has been a favorite getaway for families and the elderly for decades. That comes as no surprise as residents and visitors here can enjoy things like fishing, swimming, kayaking, tracking, golfing, etc., all year-round. However, times have changed, and so did Lake Hopatcong. What used to be a peaceful, small town is now an urbanized city full of schools, stores, restaurants, coffee shops, shopping centers, and pretty much anything you would need to live a convenient, modern life. And because of that, more and more people are interested in buying a property and moving here. If you are considering the same, here are some facts about Lake Hopatcong, NJ

Life in Lake Hopatcong, NJ 

Life in this city is best described as easy-going. As previously mentioned, people come here to get away from all the hustle and bustle and enjoy some peace and quiet around the lake. Of course, here, you can enjoy all sorts of water sports as well as golfing and trekking. 

Life in Lake Hopatcong offers something to people from all walks of life. However, the best thing it can offer is the possibility of living the water view dream! Approximately 80% of properties here are located around the lake. So, if this is something you are looking for, give Lake Hopatcong a chance

The Real Estate 

If you are persuaded already, do not start calling moving professionals like gibraltarvanlines.com just yet. First, look at the real estate there and see whether the homes suit your needs and budget. On a recent day in September 2021, this city had 55 homes for sale. Their prices ranged from $60K to $900K. 

If you want more details about home prices – we’ve got you covered. Namely, if you decide to buy a property here (a smaller home or a two-bedroom apartment, for example), you would need to spare around $218 per square foot. The median listing home price is around $389K, but the homes usually sell for approximately $294K.

Of course, the prices of homes vary depending on their location, condition, and square footage. The styles of homes vary too – you can find anything from water view houses right on the lake to secluded farmhouses and completely urbanized apartments. So, consider everything and think about your needs and preferences – once you do that, feel free to call a local real estate agent

Jobs and Economy 

Unfortunately, when it comes to employment in Lake Hopatcong, NJ, your options may be limited. This is a small city, and because of that, the variety of jobs is limited. However, this does not mean that there aren’t any options at all. For instance, if you have an education and experience in catering and tourism, you will surely find a job here as soon as you move. Health care and education systems are developing as we speak, so there is a need for people with these kinds of skills too. Drivers, store managers, massage therapists, and preservationists are currently needed as well.

However, the most significant need is for the people in the construction industry sectors. As at all lakes with residential properties, maintaining a waterfront property is a big deal here – everything must be kept top-notch to avoid water-related damage. Moreover, more and more people are buying land here, deciding to build their dream homes from scratch. And, of course, for both new construction as well as maintenance, there is a need for all kinds of construction workers


As Lake Hopatcong is close to many bigger cities, commuting is more than possible. Thus, people find their waterfront dream home, and they just commute to work. But, what about those with children? They cannot move somewhere where there aren’t schools! Fear not, Lake Hopatcong is not like other small towns. Here, you have preschools, elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. There are even prep schools for those who plan on enrolling in college or university somewhere else. And all of them have excellent ratings! 

This city has one of the lowest crime rates in New Jersey. So, you can be confident that your little ones are safe while walking to and from school. Do you need a better reason to move? If not, start packing your bags and call professionals from Morris County. They can help your family relocate to Lake Hopatcong from any part of Morris County


And now, let us talk about the best part of Lake Hopatcong – the activities you can do here. Once you unpack and settle in your new waterfront property, put on your walking shoes and start exploring the area. Even though this is a relatively small city, you will soon notice that there is something to do on every corner. Besides the previously mentioned water activities, you can also enjoy sunbathing on the most beautiful sandy beaches, visit numerous hiking trails, play tennis or golf, and have a picnic. 

If you are here with your little ones, be sure to take them to the State Park’s playgrounds, kids’ museum and art gallery, and to the boat ramp where they can see all sorts of different boats. And, if the weather is not suitable for outdoor activities, you can visit the Castle Cove Mini Golf and Arcade Center. While your children are playing, you can enjoy some fine dining on the water or go on a dinner cruise on Miss LottaAnd this is just a fraction of things to do at Lake Hopatcong, NJ!

Waterfront Living in Atlantic County, New Jersey

If you’re dreaming of waterfront living, you’re not alone. People invest in waterfront properties regularly for their numerous benefits. Atlantic County in New Jersey offers such properties, where the excellent location meets unmatched views, and where elegance and luxury are reflected in more than the property interior.

Those who can imagine themselves living in a unique bayfront home with amazing views don’t have to look too far. Somers Point near Great Bay in Atlantic County, NJ features precisely the bayfront home most people desire. And no, it is not the Somers Mansion from the early eighteenth century, although the Mansion is a property of great local interest.

Due to the proximity of the Atlantic Ocean, homeowners on the locale can expect warm and humid summers and cold, windy and wet winters. On average, the best time for warm-weather outdoor activities starts in early June through early July and then continues from early August until late September. Whenever the weather’s not right for suntanning and water sports, residents can always enjoy a plethora of other activities like shopping, events, or fine dining. Nationally recognized dining establishments can be found throughout the city.

Relaxation in the city

This modern renovated home in the historic district incorporates all the advantages of waterfront living in a spacious family residence. One does not need to trade the comforts of city life for proximity to the waterfront. A short walk from this property grants easy access to over twelve taverns, restaurants, and marinas lined along Bay Avenue.

Once at home, owners can enjoy the calm and peaceful atmosphere; waking up and falling asleep to the sounds of water right outside the window; enjoying a colorful sunset on a waterfront deck sipping favorite drinks from their very own tiki bar, or dipping in a hot-tub overlooking water and marshland after a long day at work. One only needs to find the best possible help to relocate here and an idyllic waterfront living can begin.

Privacy, functionality, and low-maintenance

It is possible to incorporate it all into a waterfront home. A property that has neighbors on one side only offers a great level of isolation to its residents. The property is ideal for entertaining friends and family year-round. Sun-tanning on waterfront decks, reading in an enclosed porch, or sipping morning coffee on a balcony can be done in the privacy. And you don’t even have to use stairs to get to the top floor – there’s an elevator at your convenience.

The more you learn what buying a waterfront property involves, the easier you will fall in love with this one. Especially if the property is recently and extensively renovated and has a brand new foundation that raises it above base flood elevation. The ample square footage of this home offers vast storage options and allows you to create your ideal home office or recreation room. Waterfront living makes even the work and exercise highly enjoyable and stress-free.

Sports and activities that make waterfront living exciting

Avid boaters can impress their guests with easy access to the Ocean via Great Egg Inlet, and visits to Ocean City and Atlantic City. Precisely the proximity to these two seaside destinations has incited the fast growth and development of Somers Point. In addition to boating, residents of the waterfront home in this bayside community can have fun at the William Morrow Beach, or enjoy the best fishing and crabbing in New Jersey.

Even getting around on the dry ground is easy. The property itself features a separate garage with space for two cars and off-street parking for at least four more. Those who prefer cycling over driving have the Somers Point Bike Path, John F. Kenedy Park, Greate Bay Country Club, and many other recreation destinations at their disposal. Speaking of recreation, you don’t have to transport your possessions to a new waterfront home all on your own. To start off your comfortable waterfront lifestyle effortlessly, simply ask local movers for assistance and then head off straight to the local beach.

Advantages of investing in a waterfront property

Of course, not every waterfront property is a good investment as its value and ROI depends on its characteristics. However, compared to the landlocked homes, waterfront homes 

  • appreciate faster due to limited supply and high demand
  • are popular rental properties and ensure high occupancy rates and prices
  • save owners money if used as vacation homes

Every homeowner should discover for themselves what it means to live a waterfront dream and decide if it fits their lifestyle or not. Most of those who purchased a waterfront property bought it as a primary residence. These homes in high demand have a high appreciation rate securing their owners a good return on investment whenever they decide to resell the property. With a waterfront property in good condition, homeowners will be cashing in on the home as well as on all the benefits of waterfront living.

A low-maintenance waterfront property that is perfect for entertainment is an ideal rental property and a source of significant passive income. A property that is close to important amenities in the city but also offers a significant level of privacy and amazing open views ensures high occupancy rates and rental prices. Waterfront homes are not only in high demand among buyers but among renters, as well.

If a waterfront property is your second home, you can easily rent it during the year and stay at it during vacation. Saving on accommodation and numerous other features play an important role longterm. If, however, you plan to live in the waterfront home, you can rent it whenever you’re away and let your home cash in on its popularity.

10 Best Beach Towns on the Jersey Shore

The Jersey Shore takes up about 140 miles of the Atlantic Ocean coast of the US. It is a favored vacation spot for the residents of New Jersey, as well as the neighboring states. Known to the New Jersey residents as simply ‘The Shore,’ it is famous for its boardwalks, amusement, and water parks. One of the particular perks of the Jersey Shore is that both sunrises and sunsets are visible over water from different parts because of its peculiar peninsular shape. All of this and more make it not only a great place to visit, but also to live in. The coast in general is rife with small towns, and here we provide you with a list of the best small towns in Jersey Shore. There is nothing quite like living the water view dream on an ocean coast.

Asbury Park

This town has been immortalized as the name of a Bruce Springsteen album, but that was the most exciting thing that happened to it for decades. However, it has recently gone through quite the transformation. It now attracts a more diverse and youthful crowd, both as visitors and as residents. The town has a very vibrant music scene with many festivals and events throughout the year. When it comes to the quality of living, the district boasts a steadily lowering crime rate. Even though it has become quite a hot spot in recent years, moving here is still as easy as ever with a company like Bluebell Relocation Services NJ. Its gay community has also been growing steadily since the 1950s. There is an LGBTQ-friendly beach and the Jersey Pride parade attracts a large number of visitors to the town each year.

Cape May

Cape May is not only one of the 10 most beautiful towns in New Jersey, but also the oldest seaside resort town in the country. Obviously, the leading industry in the town is tourism. However, just because the events and facilities are aimed at visitors doesn’t mean that residents can’t use them to their advantage as well. If you are a history nut, Cape May is surely one of the best small towns in Jersey Shore for you to move to as it is steeped in history. Just remember that planning your moving budget is the key. If you organize it well, you can be watching dolphins jumping out of the water at the Cove in no time.

Point Pleasant Beach

The name says it all. This small town of just around 4,500 residents offers a nice mix of suburbia tinged with the fresh ocean air. It has been voted one of the 10 best beach towns on the Jersey Shore for living. The schools are great and the crime rate low. Most residents own their homes even though housing can be quite expensive. If you end up buying a water view property, there are all kinds of fun activities available – arcades, amusement park, mini golf and even antiquing.


In many ways, this is another one of the 10 best beach towns on the Jersey Shore that has in many ways remained frozen in time. It’s the hometown of doo-wop, both the music genre and the architecture style. The aesthetic is that of a 1950s or 60s seaside town, which is a major draw for many people. There is a dreamy quality to it, perhaps because of the fact that it’s a look that you can indulge in yourself. The boardwalk makes it a quintessential small town on the Jersey Shore, and the adventure parks mean you will never have an idle day for as long as you live here.

Spring Lake

Spring Lake is definitely one of the 10 most beautiful towns in New Jersey, USA. Unlike the  resort towns on this list skewing predominantly towards tourists, Spring Lake has more of a suburban feel to it. The public schools are highly rated, it is very family-oriented, and the crime rates are quite low. The main drawback would be the cost of living, which is on the pricier side.

Ocean City

Ocean City is another typical Jersey Shore town, only this time bigger than most on this list. Much like Spring Lake, its schools rate very high in the nation and it is very family-friendly. One of its peculiarities is that it is a dry town: no alcohol is sold within its borders. However, there are all kinds of other fun activities you can partake in – the main ones being the boardwalk and amusement parks. Typically for this kind of town as well, the cost of housing and the cost of living are higher than most others on this list.

Stone Harbor

Perhaps the tiniest of the small towns on our list, Stone Harbor doesn’t fall behind the others when it comes to its nightlife. There are plenty of restaurants and bars to have fun in while still enjoying life in a tiny suburban waterfront community. As most towns here, the schools are great, the community family-friendly, but housing somewhat expensive.


Not only is Avalon one of the best small towns to visit on the Jersey Shore, but it is also one of the best to live in if you favor a quiet suburban feel of your hometown. Many of its residents are retirees, but it also rates as great for families with its highly-rated public schools.


Belmar is a possibly the smallest US town with such a huge party-town rep. Many of Belmar’s residents are young professionals, and there are plenty of bars and restaurants for them to enjoy on weekends. Its marina is also the home to the biggest party boat fleet. The nightlife and outdoor activities are what makes this town fun to move to. 

Long Branch

Long Branch is another one of the best small towns in Jersey Shore but it is on the pricier side. The boardwalk offerings can get quite decadent, though that is not all there is to life in this suburban town. Its housing, cost of living, and crime rates are the problem areas. On the other hand, it boasts quite a diverse population and an above-average school district.