Top 6 Island Getaways in Texas

Spring will be upon us before we know it! After the hustle and bustle of the holiday resides, we will begin to focus on our next spring vacation. For those that want to travel within the United States, the islands off the coast of Texas offer multiple attractions for families and spring breakers alike. So researched the top islands off Texas to visit! Here is our list:

South Padre Island

South Padre Island is one of the more popular tourist destinations, and for good reasons! This island boasts breathtaking white beaches and turquoise waters. The island offers activities ranging from paddle boarding to dolphin watching to horseback riding. Every year, there is a sandcastle festival that attracts master sand sculptors that create intricate sand castles. Occasionally, visitors can also spot the rarest species of sea turtle in the world, the Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle, on the South Padre Island beaches. 

Galveston Island

Galveston Island attracts visitors due to it’s charming beach town and rich cultural history. The island was historically known for piracy, hidden treasure, and catastrophic storms. Nowadays, visitors can learn about Galveston Island’s history by visiting the museums, walking through the Historic Strand District, and viewing renowned architecture. Galveston Island also offers dolphin and whale watching, delectable restaurants, ecotourism tours, and a plethora of gift shops.

Pelican Island

Pelican Island offers visitors a blend between nature and history. The island has deep roots within the oyster and fishing businesses. Over the years, 2 Navy warships have become permanent residents on the island; USS Stewart and USS Cavalla. The public can now take tours of these warships when visiting Seawolf Park. Seawolf Park additionally holds multiple restaurants, artist attractions, golf courses, and a famed fishing pier. 

Mustang Island

Mustang Island is an 18-mile long barrier island infamous for it’s laid-back lifestyle, marine reserves, and unique bars/restaurants. The surrounding marine reserves and forests protect the island’s 600 species of saltwater fish, 400 species of birds, sea turtles, pocket gophers, white-tailed deer, and more. Oftentimes, visitors feel as if immersed in a tropical paradise.  In addition, the island also has multiple shops, restaurants, golf courses, and yearly attractions.

Matagorda Island

Matagorda Island attracts visitors looking to go off the grid and completely immerse themselves in nature. The island is remote and can only be accessed via boat. There is also no electricity or running water. Campers can typically enjoy saltwater fishing, bird watching, star gazing, hiking, and biking. Lastly, there is a historic lighthouse built in 1852 that can be visited.

Ward Island

Ward Island is home of Texas A&M’s Corpus Christi location. However, the island also has historic ties. In the beginning of World War II, the island was transformed into the Naval Air Technical Training Center. The Training Center taught navy techs how to use radar and other electronic systems when stationed on the island. Ward Island also has a 7 mile trail around the island that is perfect for hiking or biking.

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