Top 7 Lakes and Their Real Estate Markets in Texas

“Get ready, we’re moving to Texas!” This phrase has become more common amongst people throughout the United States, especially homebuyers. With over 7,000 lakes, new buyers are moving to Texas not only for the affordable real estate prices but also for the waterfront views. Such a wide variety of waterfront real estate gives buyers the opportunity to find properties for sale within urban and rural settings. Some buyers aim to retire with a lakefront view while others are searching for a waterfront investment property to rent through AirBNB or Vrbo. 

To help new buyers, USA Waterviews went ahead and researched lakes throughout Texas. We categorized 7 different lakes and their current real estate market.

Lake Texoma

Labeled as one of the most developed lakes in Texas, Lake Texoma is a popular location for retirees and vacation goers. Perfectly located just 2 hours north of Dallas, the lake is a common destination on the weekends and holidays. Visitors can participate in a wide variety of recreational activities such as sailing, water skiing, windsurfing, and fishing. Plus, Lake Texoma has 12 marinas, multiple boat rentals and even charter fishing adventures. For the fisherman, the lake has 70 different species of fish ranging from bass to catfish. 

Lake Texoma spans over 20 towns on the Oklahoma side and 23 towns on the Texas side. Due to the sheer size of the lake, most buyers are able to find a property that suites them. There are floating house boats, undeveloped waterfront lots, modular homes, newly built single-level ranches, and custom multi-million dollar listings. 

Lake O ‘Pines

The immense wildlife and plethora of hiking trails attract outdoor enthusiasts from across the state. Situated 2.5 hours east of Dallas, this picturesque lake is surrounded by beautiful pine trees. There are a wide variety of camping grounds, parks, and cabin rentals. Fishing reports have shown fish species including spotted bass, largemouth bass, white bass, catfish, and chain pickerel. If you’re lucky you might even see a bald eagle while you’re there!

Since the land surrounding the lake is less developed, there is a smaller group of available homes. However, buyers are always able to buy a lot and build their dream home. The prices for lakefront properties in Lake O’ Pines are relatively more affordable compared to more developed lakes. 

Caddo Lake

Set on the border of Texas and Louisiana, Caddo Lake is a cypress swamp. Visitors can find low-flying herons navigating a maze of bayous and interconnected channels. Spanish moss can often be found hanging from the swamp trees. Caddo Lake has over 71+ fish species. There are multiple campsites, cabin rentals, swamp tours, and fishing guides. Make sure to keep an eye out for an occasional alligator too!

There are a handful of waterfront homes and lots for sale, on both the Texas and Oklahoma sides of the lake. Buyers will notice that some of the homes are built on stilts, in case of possible flooding.

Sam Rayburn Reservoir 

Known as the largest lake solely located in Texas, Sam Rayburn Reservoir covers over 110,000 acres. The reservoir is surrounded by trees with the majority of the land being undeveloped. There are healthy populations of largemouth bass, catfish, and crappies. In addition, the lake has a great reputation for swimming, water skiing, and fishing. Surrounding the lake are a good number of campsites and marinas perfect for a family vacation. Plus, there are top-notch golf courses and numerous hiking trails. 

Buyers looking to purchase homes within neighborhoods can focus on the southeast portion of the lake. While buyers looking for larger lots with more privacy can search on the north and west sides of the lake.The styles of home vary from single-level ranches with big front porches to custom, cozy log cabins.

Lady Bird Lake

If you’re looking for a lake within an urban setting, this is your spot. Lady Bird Lake intersects with the Colorado River and runs through the heart of Austin. The lake is about 6 miles long with an average depth of 14 feet. Austinites can be found canoeing, kayaking, and stand up paddle boarding on the lake.

Due to Lady Bird Lake’s central location, there are a plethora of properties within varying price ranges. There are multi-million dollar penthouses with balconies overlooking the lake. But there are also studio apartments with views of the lake that are closer to $500k. For those hoping to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, there are suburban homes that have waterfront views/frontage further up the Colorado River at more affordable prices. 

Lake Conroe

Located 1 hour north of Houston, Lake Conroe runs thru the East Texas Piney Woods. This lake is surrounded by rolling hills, trees, and magnificent lakefront houses. Fabulous restaurants and bars attract visitors from across the state. Plus, with over 10 marinas, it is a great place to bring your boat. The lake offers fantastic fishing and a great place to wakeboard, water ski, or jet ski. And if that isn’t enough, the Walden is the best golf course in the Houston area. If you’re lucky, you might see a few of the famous residents that live near the lake. 

The city of Conroe located Southeast of the lake has plenty of homes for sale. Home prices range from $100,000 for single-level ranches to $500,000+ for newly built custom homes.  The homes for sale on the northern part of the lake are limited due to the national forest. However, the southern portion of the lake has waterfront homes both on the water and with water views.

Lake Amistad

Sitting north of Del Rio, Lake Amistad is on the US Mexico border. In the late 1960’s, Lake Amistad started to fill due to the construction of a dam in Del Rio. Access to the shoreline is restricted so visitors often note the peaceful, quiet atmosphere of the lake. Visitors are also able to view the 4,000-year old Indian rock paintings when accompanied by a park ranger. The water is also usually clear and warm, making it a swimming and scuba diving attraction.

There are only a handful of homes surrounding Lake Amistad. Highway 90 wraps around the southern portion of the lake and is the common roadway that connects the homes. The average home price ranges from $100k-$700k with the majority of the homes are single-level with adobe/spanish influence. 

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