Best Waterfront Locations for Dog Owners and How to Enjoy Them 

by Lucy Hudson

In 2017, a total of about 89.7 million dogs lived in households in the United States as pets. While not all of these dogs and their owners lived in beachfront properties, we’re sure that there are many homeowners who take this into account before settling on the idea of a property near the ocean. If you’re a dog mom or dad, you’ll definitely want to factor in a few things before moving into a waterfront home, such as whether or not the nearby beach is dog-friendly, what the weather is like, whether or not your dog is prepared to live near water and how to ensure they’ll enjoy your new home just as much as you will.

Best Dog-Friendly Waterfront Locations in the U.S.

Ideal waterfront locations for dog owners will need to check a few boxes. In general, they should be cities or small towns where there are a lot of open, natural spaces for dogs to enjoy. They should also be places where parks, restaurants and other establishments openly welcome pets. And, finally, the waterfront areas should be dog-friendly and easily accessible with your furry friend. Taking all of those things into consideration, some of the waterfront cities you’ll most definitely want to take a look at are San Diego, Nantucket, Key West and most of the Georgia coastline. These places are all known not only for their beautiful and fun outdoor experiences but for their pet-friendly environments and places to visit that include numerous dog-friendly beaches and fairly-priced waterfront properties.

 How to Enjoy Beachfront-Living With Your Dog

To get the best out of waterfront-living life with your precious pooch, consider treating them to all-natural toys and food that will ensure they’ve always got something special to play with while you enjoy the waves and serene views. It’s worth taking a look at signing up for a subscription box specifically designed for your dog and browsing through something like pooch perks reviews will reveal just how much dogs and their owners love subscription boxes like these. Your dog will love receiving a new box full of surprises each month and it’s a great way to ensure you and your pup are encouraged to get outside and try out the new toys instead of taking the waterfront views and nearby waves for granted.

Getting the Most Out of Waterfront Living 

There aren’t many drawbacks to living in a waterfront property. With tranquil views, the sound of water and natural spaces to relax you, investing in a waterfront home is a great option even if you have a dog you want to bring along with you. Ensuring that you’re looking for a home that is in a dog-friendly area will be your first order of business, and then you can begin to assess the preparedness of your dog in order to ensure they’ll be safe around water. Once you’ve got that all figured out, treat them to a monthly treat box to entice them out to play near the water and they’ll fall in love with the place probably quicker than you will.

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