Fall Garden Maintenance Advice for Homeowners

Ways to Cultivate a Beautiful Yard When It’s Cold Outside

Autumn is here! The dog days of summer are giving way to crisp, refreshing autumn air, making way for spiraling leaves that dot our yards with a plethora of color. As you sit back and relax this fall, observing the wonder that fall can bring — cooler air, fiery foliage, and pumpkin flavors — you may also notice how your garden responds to this change in weather.

Though some shrubs tend to fade this time of year, now is the time to make your yard come alive, whether you plant herbs, produce or prefer to bloom flowers. Here are some tips from USA Waterviews for keeping your green thumb this autumn by creating a beautiful garden even when it’s cold outside.

Spruce Up Your Garden

Get your garden off to a good start this season by ridding your patch of diseased foliage. Rake healthy dead leaves or debris to be added to your compost instead, which helps feed your plants, improves your soil, and reduces the need for chemical fertilizers.

Bugs are proven to be beneficial for your plants, as well. While some bugs can cause anemic-looking, dry plants, at least 95 percent of bugs found in the garden are safe or benign, according to Family Handyman. Beneficial bugs also kill off garden pests and increase the amount of air or water that gets into your soil.

A bit of masonry or woodwork such as a gazebo, stairs, bonfire or a patio is another way to enjoy the cool, crispness of autumn while adding structure, texture, and contrast to your vegetation. Keep the entirety of your yard in mind when implanting a bit of hardscaping by considering the layout, style, location, and the ideal focal point for your yard, whether you choose to design it yourself or professionally. If going with a new fence, you can easily find fence builders near you by visiting Angi and searching for companies. You can also read ratings and reviews online, which is a great start to getting the right pro for the installation.

Hydrate Your Plants

If the fall in your area is a bit arid, be sure to water your plants thoroughly so they stay properly hydrated. Gardens depend on water to grow by releasing stomata, which helps a plant breathe, according to the University of California at Berkeley. If the air is too humid, or if a plant gets too much water, it can rot. If it doesn’t get enough, it can dry out.

So just how much is enough water? It depends on your soil and whether it’s made of clay or sand. Clay is much denser and holds more water, while thinner, sandier soil dries out more frequently. By watering at least 2 inches deep per week, your roots will remain strong and hydrated.

If you still aren’t sure how much water your garden is getting or requires, a soil meter will help keep proper water levels in check, as well as the pH levels of the soil to make sure that conditions are optimal.

Protect Your Yard

While summer offers a plethora of gardening goodies, you can still cultivate cool-season annuals, such as hydrangeas and sumac, to add bountiful color to your yard. If you plan to grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs, you may also plant in-season, heartier produce as well, such as pumpkin, pears, turnips, greens, and apples before the first frost.

When the weather turns cold, make sure to invest in row covers, which are made of non-woven fabrics that help regulate the temperature when it gets very frigid to nearly freezing. Furthermore, row covers also provide adequate sunlight without burning or overheating the plants while protecting them from the spread of disease. You may purchase even sturdier versions that help guard against animals and pests, who love to gnaw on garden offerings.

Pruning during the fall is another option, however, the dormant season is winter. Over-trimming can stunt the growth of your plants so be sure to trim only when needed and during the growing season, which is mid-October in mild climates to mid-September in cold climates. To further prevent plant infection, always clean your pruning shears at the end of each day.

You don’t have to wait until summer or spring to cultivate a fertile garden, bursting with color. With the right know-how, autumn offers an array of options for keeping your garden bountiful and bold this coming fall season.

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