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On the magnificent shores of Lake Michigan lays Milwaukee, a city famous for its breweries and baseball. Nevertheless, if you have ever visited Milwaukee, you know that’s not all the “Cream City” is known for. You can also enjoy the best cuisine, music scene, bars, museums, and cultural attractions in the Midwest.

But the housing options are the main amenity that makes the city unique and up and coming. Here, you can choose from a variety of homes, from trendy high-rise and townhomes in the downtown to affordable condos, custom build ranches, and family homes on the shore with the most magnificent views. If you consider making Wisconsin your new home, here’s how moving to one of the Milwaukee waterfront communities might be life-changing.

The health benefits of living on the waterfront

It’s well-known that living near water provides serenity and peace. No matter how stressful your day is, the vista from your window or a walk on the shores of the azure waters of Lake Michigan will make a psychological difference. Additionally, being surrounded by water makes you more outdoorsy and the nature around you will be a great motivator. It will make you slow down with work and take a healthier approach to life. Whether it comes to jogging, canoeing, or taking simple walks on the pedestrian trail, you will be not only physically active but also breathe fresh air while the view brings serenity to your mind.

Waterfront locations are also great when working remotely. They can provide an excellent work-fun balance, allowing you to grow your own business in a healthy environment.

You can have a sustainable home

Being near water and nature offers many opportunities for turning your home into an eco-friendly haven. Often, sustainable homes on the waterfront have solar panels for heating and air conditioning, LED lighting, energy-efficient appliances, and wall insulation that minimizes energy use. Sun, wind, and water potential are much easier to exploit in a waterfront environment. According to moving experts from, the opportunity to have a nature-friendly and affordable life are among the reasons their clients mentioned for relocating to one of the Milwaukee waterfront communities.

Considering that waterfront properties often require higher maintenance, upgrading them for sustainability will benefit you greatly. With an initial investment in eco-friendly elements, you will have fewer necessities for future home improvements.

Investing in Milwaukee real estate is a smart call

The main reason why moving to one of the Milwaukee waterfront communities is a great idea is that you’ll have a return on investment if you ever decide to sell the home or rent it. Since the waterfront communities have only so much land available, the real estate has a limited territory and inventory at disposal. With limited options come higher demands, making the market very competitive and expensive.

Even now, the buyers and renters market in Milwaukee is hot, attracting many short and long-term real estate investors. However, you can still find a property in the city starting from $70,000. But if you’re trying to settle in the bustling neighborhoods such as East Town, you’ll have to pay at least  $350,000.

Blooming industry

Milwaukee has rapidly recovered from the financial crisis in the past two years, with metro area population growth and unemployment rates down by nearly 29%! Personal income has grown over 5%, and the city is drawing new investors every day.  Many entrepreneurs, millennials, and young professionals decided to move here because of Milwaukee’s thriving industry. The city is a significant trade, healthcare, and transportation hub, which brings a lot of potential to the already booming center.

You will get to enjoy the Midwestern hospitality

There is no easier way for a city to become your home than to find some friends in it. Moving to Milwaukee will show you that Midwestern hospitality is not a myth. Here people are genuinely nice, with a strong sense of community. You can expect to get a greeting from a stranger on the street and enjoy the best services in Wisconsin. Even though finding reliable local moving experts can be complicated when moving to an unfamiliar place, finding a reputable crew that covers this area has never been easier.

People in Milwaukee especially enjoy festivities and cultural events. This close-knit community is active throughout the whole year. However, most of the events are celebrated during the summer. One of the main events in the “Cream City” is Summerfest – a time when Milwaukee comes alive more than ever. The event attracts many visitors who can enjoy two weeks of a quality music program, food, and beverage. Even though Milwaukeeans love summer, winters in the city are active too. Sledding and ice skating are common pastimes for outdoorsy residents.

Milwaukee amenities

If you’re looking for a moving destination with fantastic quality of life, housing market value, job opportunities, and costs of living, Milwaukee is the place to be. The city also has low unemployment rates and affordable rents, which attracts families and young professionals alike. With the thriving transportation sector, the average commute time is only 23 minutes.

Moving to one of the Milwaukee waterfront communities can benefit you in more ways than you’d imagine. You could be an owner of a magnificent estate on the lake at a very affordable price. In addition, you can have a nice life with many business opportunities in a welcoming community. The lake homes in central and north Wisconsin are often affordable compared to other waterfront properties in the U.S. Still, keep in mind that lakefront homes directly on the lakeshore are among the most desirable on the local market. Thus, it’s often a better value to live near the water — with a water view, but not on the waterfront. The benefit of having a home further away from the water is that you’ll have more privacy with less home maintenance, and often, a significantly lower cost.

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